PayPal Casino UK: What Shall You Keep in Mind?

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PayPal Casino UK: What Shall You Keep in Mind?

When it comes to the need to choose a payment method to conduct transactions with, PayPay is probably the leader of the list. Indeed, that’s the service most online casino providers offer and at the same time, it’s available to players from basically all over the world. It would be hard to describe why it is great briefly, which is why we came up with quite a large guide on all the aspects of its use. Within our article we will explain:

  • Brief history of PayPal

  • Advantages of use

  • How to set up an account

  • Limitations

  • How to receive your winnings

  • Safety issue

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, this would be wrong to say that the service doesn’t have any limitations at all. After all, there are countries where only some of its services are available, as well as areas PayPal doesn’t cover at all. In the United States, for instance, it’s not allowed to use PayPal for online gambling purposes. In our guide, we will discuss all of this in detail, like other things you need to know to use PayPal services effectively. Enjoy the reading!



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Historical background

PayPal has entered the market quite a long time ago, namely in 1998. At that moment, it was known as Confinity, while its today’s name appeared only in 2001. There is quite an interesting story standing behind. We all know Elon Musk, right? But not all of us associate his name with PayPal. In fact, he was the founder of, an online banking company Confinity merged with in 2000. That’s how PayPal actually began, after was renamed one year later. Since then, it has significantly grown and in 2002 it was purchased by eBay for almost $1.5 billion. It would take too much time to talk about all the further acquisitions PayPal has made. Still, we would like to share some basic statistics: the service is available in about 200 markets. The number of currencies it deals with is about 100, while the total number of accounts worldwide is quite hard to estimate. On the official website of the service it is written that there are more than 277 million active accounts so far. Sounds impressive, right?

Advantages of using PayPal

That’s not that easy to mention all of them, but we will try to. Of course, using a particular payment method is often a matter of habit, but there are still some benefits PayPal cannot be denied.

1) High level of safety

If you think about dealing with an online casino from the viewpoint of safety, you will understand that this might be quite risky. The matter is that you will need to share your financial information in order to conduct transactions. What they will ask you to provide depends on an operator, but the whole list is rarely limited to your credit card number. To put it mildly, this kind of information is rather “sensitive”. Believe us, you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

If you choose PayPal as your payment methods, the only piece of financial information you will provide to the casino operator is your PayPal address. Even if the casino website is hacked, the third parties won’t receive any data that would allow them to access your funds. In case with credit cards, this is not the case, of course. A successful hacker attack could result in a catastrophe for your wallet. In turn, PayPal itself is probably one of the most secure websites in the world so you can just relax and enjoy the safety of your funds. Of course, reliable casino operators spend a great deal of time and money to ensure safety of personal information of their customers, but the risk will probably never be eliminated. With PayPal, however, you don’t need to worry about this at all. Now you see one of its biggest advantages?

2) Anonymity

When using PayPal, you won’t need to provide the casino with your banking details. In turn, none of your deposits will be displayed in the list of your banking transactions. You might know that most PayPal customers use their email address to sign up for the service. When making a deposit, this email address is the only piece of information available to the recipient. Therefore, it is basically impossible to trace who was making this payment. This is for sure great as it allows you to avoid explaining some things to banks. If you want to take out a loan, for instance, banks always check if you are able to pay it back. If all your deposits are anonymous, you will avoid being asked too many questions.

3) Instant Transactions

Both the deposits and withdrawals are made instantly. Any kind of delays you might face occur as a results of policies of the casino you deal with. Practice shows that deposits are instant in any case. After all, no casino operator would keep you waiting for too long if you are ready to start playing here and now. If you make a deposit, you will be able to start playing in a few minutes. The situation with withdrawals is slightly different. You will be waiting for 2-3 days until your request is finally processed and your winnings sent to your account. In some cases, this process might take up to 10 days. In any case, this is not the fault of PayPal. This kind of a delay is always the fault of the casino operator, while PayPal transactions are immediate.

4) Bonuses

This isn’t a quite frequent practice, but some casino operators offer their players a bonus for using PayPal. We aren’t kidding! They come in a variety of forms, while the most popular ones are quite similar to the regular deposit bonuses. Some of them may equal the amount of the deposit or even exceed it. However, we remind to check wagering requirements applied to such kind of bonuses. In fact, that’s the rule you are to remember about every time you accept a bonus or sign up for some promotion. If you calculate everything properly, it might turn out that this particular bonus isn’t that pretty, while the casino operator you are thinking of dealing with is rather sly than generous.

5) It’s indeed widely-used

A great advantage of PayPal is that you can use this service provider to conduct transactions in basically any sphere. Probably all large online store accept PayPal, while the number of currencies it supports is huge. It is so popular that you might already have your own account, don’t you? Even if you don’t, no need to hesitate whether to set up the one: you will keep use it from time to time even if you decide to quit playing at all, believe us. Of course, this is not always the case with other payment methods popular in online gambling. Some of them may turn out useless in real life and online casino websites will remain the only venue where you will be need such account. With PayPal, it’s absolutely different.

What shall I do if I don’t have PayPal account?

Having PayPal account is really convenient even if you are not going to play online games for real money. After all, it might come in handy in anytime, starting from regular shopping to the purchase of plane tickets. The procedure of setting up an account is rather simple. Here it is:

1) Go to PayPal website

Visit the official website and click “Sign up”. Quite an obvious step, isn’t it? If you want, you can also install an app on your device, although this only makes sense in you are going to use PayPal regularly. If you decide to download it, make sure you are using an official application.

2) Set up an account

There are several types of accounts, namely for regular users and business. The latter aren’t free and you will be charged about $30 per month. Most probably, you won’t need all the additional features they provide so you can stop on the first option. Regular accounts are absolutely free of charge. At this stage, you will need to provide your email and password. The email address is supposed to be valid as you will need it to verify your account.

3) Provide your personal information

After this, you will need to fill in the form with your personal data. To be more precise, you will need to provide your name, phone number, and address. All of this is necessary to continue the sign up process.

4) Submit your financial information

For now, you can skip this stage, but you will still need to come back to it at a certain moment. You can either add your credit or debit card, or you can choose to link your bank account. In particular, this is the way you will be withdrawing funds from your PayPal account. We can’t say there is any difference between these two options, so it’s just the matter of your convenience. In any case, you will need to attach either a card or a bank account for further verification of your PayPay account.

5) Verify your account

In order to start using PayPay services, you will need to confirm two things. At first, you will need to confirm you emails address. When setting up an account, you were sent a letter with a request to confirm your address. Check your inbox and follow the instructions. Secondly, you will need to properly link either your card or bank account. It is very simple with cards as they are linked instantly, but in case with a bank account you might need to wait for 24-48 hours. If your bank is already included into PayPal lists, the process will take up to 10 minutes. However, you will be waiting for 1-2 business days if your bank hasn’t been added to the lists yet.

What if I move to another country?

As you remember, you are to specify your address when registering the account and it is supposed to be valid. PayPal allows their users to change the address when they are moving, but only within one county. If you are going to move to a different country, you have two ways to choose from. The first one is to cancel your account and open a new one. In fact, this seems to be the simplest option. If you don’t want to do this for some reason, you can set up one more account so that you have two of them: one for the country you used to live in and another one for your new place of residence. The disadvantage is that your second account is supposed to be of a different type, which is of business or premier type. In other words, you will have to pay monthly fee. Also, your accounts are supposed to be linked to different email addresses, as well as different cards or bank accounts.

How to find a casino offering PayPal

When searching for a new casino to try your luck with, there are lots of things to check before you create an account. We have already explained that you are to check their legal status and make sure they have a license, as well as look through the list of security measures they apply to protect your data. The last but not least, never forget to read the withdrawal policy. It might happen you will be offered a convenient option for making deposits, but you will later face a true challenge when withdrawing your winnings.

The easiest way to find PayPal-friendly casino is to go to an information portal like BonCasino and check the list of what’s on offer. We only include in our lists those casino operators that are safe to deal with, both in terms of legal status and security measures. Here you will also find reviews of most of them. When searching for PayPal casino, you could also switch on filters to make the process faster. Finally, you can google something like “best PayPal casino” and look through a couple of overviews. Still, make sure that the resources you have picked up are independent and do not support any particular casino operators.

Also, don’t forget that sometimes you won’t be able to use one and the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. If you want to use PayPal in both cases, carefully read the applied policies or better ask the support service operator. Remember to specify what country you are playing from in order to make sure there are no limitations from the side of PayPal. As you already know, in some countries PayPal allows sending funds from your account, but prohibits receiving payments.

Once you find a casino operator that seems to suit your needs and wants, check some details of their payment policy. Deposits, for instance, are supposed to be instant and commission-free. As for withdrawals, the average waiting time should not exceed 24-48 hours. Don’t forget to check payment limits, too. The minimum withdrawal amount shouldn’t be too high in case you decide to leave for some reason. In case with the maximum amount, £10,000 is generally enough. More importantly, ask if there are any fees imposed during the withdrawal process. Unfortunately, they might turn out high enough to eat up a good part of your winnings.

The last but not least, some casino operators offer bonuses for choosing PayPal as your payment method. This is not a frequent thing, unfortunately, but it’s still possible to come across. Such bonus might come in a form of a deposit bonus, free spins, or additional rounds. Don’t forget, however, to check what kind of wagering requirements it comes with. If they are too high, you had better refuse such offer. What is more, this is a sign warning that this casino operator isn’t as player-friendly as it wants to appear.

Associated limitations

If you are trying to play from the United States, you probably already know that this is quite a challenge. The matter is that local government prohibits online gambling for more than 15 years so far. Of course, fans of online games managed to find some ways around. When it comes to PayPal, however, its official policy prohibits using its services for gambling activities where those aren’t legal. In fact, this situation is rather ironical. PayPal is a US company that mainly targets US market. At the same time, players from the United States cannot use it for gambling purposes and are to search for some other payment option.

Interestingly, this ban touched not only regular users, but casino operators as well. In order to be allowed to include PayPal into the list of available payment methods, casino providers are to prove they have a technical opportunity to reject payments that come from the United States. Luckily, there is quite a large choice of online gambling providers registered in the United States and regulated as required by local laws. If you are going to deal with one of them, you can use PayPal as well. Even though this will only be operators registered in New Jersey and Nevada, this is definitely better than nothing.

Are there other countries where I cannot use PayPal?

Yes, there are several other countries where all PayPal services or at least some of them aren’t available. As an example, this is India. The root of the issue are the prohibitions imposed by Reserve Bank of India. It’s not that easy to explain why it was done. According to the official version, this was an attempt to fight money laundering and tax avoidance. Currently, the locals do have an opportunity to use PayPal services, though it is still associated with several limitations. As an example, it’s impossible to send funds to an India-based account, which means that PayPal cannot be used for withdrawal of winnings. Inter-country transactions aren’t allowed as well, byt the way. Also, you can’t hold money on your account for more than 24 hours. There are several other inconveniences, but we assume that’s enough to grasp the main idea.

Another place where you will face some troubles is Turkey. PayPal license for operation wasn’t prolonged, which is why the company had to suspend its activities. This happened about three years ago, in June 2016. The reason behind the refusal from PayPal services was that local government wanted to strengthen control over local business. To be more precise, Turkish financial regulators wanted PayPal to fully localize the information technology systems they apply, but they refused. PayPal customers were allowed to withdraw their balance to their bank accounts, but since then they can neither send nor receive funds to their accounts.

There are some other countries where all or some of PayPal services aren’t available. On the official PayPal website, they are referred to as “high-risk” counties. To name the few, these are Belarus and Western Balkans, as well as Iran, Iraq, Syria, and some other countries of the region. North Korea and some African countries are on the list too. Quite often, PayPal doesn’t explain the reasons why their services do not cover a particular country. In some cases, this might be the refusal from the part of a local government to let PayPal operate in their country. More often, however, the reason is that the policies of a particular country do not comply with tax legislation of the United States. Finally, PayPal might not be available in countries affected by sanctions from the part of the US government. A good news is that PayPal policies can and actually do change. Egypt is a bright example: PayPal wasn’t available there until 2013, but now the locals can both send and receive funds to their accounts.

Disadvantages of using PayPal

Indeed, there are a couple of disadvantages associated with using PayPal, even though the strong points definitely outweigh them. In any case, we were doing our best to come up with a guide that covers all aspects of the use of PayPal services, which is why we couldn’t leave some details without attention. Here are some things to bear in mind:

1) Availability

By far not online casino operators offer PayPal as one of their payment methods. For sure, this is rather a disadvantage of those than of PayPal, but this is still not quite convenient. Of course, players are always offered some alternatives, but the charged fees might turn out not that pretty, just like the timeframe required for processing the withdrawal requests. Besides, we have already explained the situation in the United States: you will only be allowed to use PayPal services with gambling operators registered in the states of New Jersey or Nevada.

2) Fees

When placing a deposit via PayPal, you will be charged fees. On the one hand, there is no surprise about this as all payment providers charge fees in some way or another. On the other hand, you might also have to pay fees associated with the use of services of your bank. Luckily, this is not always the case. When it comes to withdrawals, there might be some fees as well. Even if the casino operator assures you that you won’t be paying any fees, this might be not true. Indeed, in some cases PayPal imposes fees upon gambling providers but not users. In turn, gambling providers set higher commission for processing your withdrawal requests. You have probably heard that the commission depends of the payment method you have chosen? Now you know why.

3) Frozen accounts

When if comes to gambling, PayPal is very strict. They take measures to trace transactions sent to or from accounts based in areas where online gambling is illegal. Once they notice something suspicious, they freeze the account. In most cases, the customer does not even suspect that something went wrong and what was the reason of such measure. Generally, issues of this kind are resolved within 21 days, but this is still an unpleasant thing for any player.

Things to remember about currencies

PayPal supports a great many of currencies, that’s true. It can’t also be denied that it supports all currencies that are popular in online gambling. Still, this is not the cases with gambling operators. Many of them support only a couple of worlds’ most commonly used currencies and the fact that the casino of your choice doesn’t support your local currency is rather the matter of course but not an unpleasant surprise. Luckily, this is not a trouble with PayPal.

If PayPal supports the currency of your choice, it converts it into the currency the casino operator accepts. Luckily, this works both with deposits and withdrawals. The disadvantage is that you will have to pay the exchange fees. Unfortunately, PayPal conversion rates aren’t that pretty, which is why you may will be losing some money every time you make a deposit or withdraw your wins. You will for sure feel it in case with large transactions. Let us draw several examples. The fee for converting the amount you receive into UK pounds sterling or US dollar is 3.5%. In case with Australian dollar, it’s even higher – 4%. In any case, we strongly recommend you to carefully learn the applied terms both from the side of PayPal and the casino you are going to deal with. It will help you avoid double conversion or other hidden pitfalls. Just stay attentive and everything will be fine.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid paying conversion rates at all. The only way to do this is to play with your local casino operator that supports the currency you prefer. In fact, this is the best way out. Fortunately for British players, the choice of casino operators accepting pound sterling is huge. You can find a comprehensive list of options on our website if you are curious. If you are still going to play with international sites, you can only minimize conversion fees but not avoid paying them. One of the options is to fund your PayPal account with a currency you are going to place deposits in. For instance, your casino operators accepts only dollars. In this case, you could open a dollar account in your local bank and link it to your PayPal account. Before doing this, you should do a small research. Check the conversion rates offered by PayPal and those in your local bank. In most cases, PayPal rates are higher so following the example we described above is wiser.

Withdrawal process

So far, we have written quite a lot about how to receive your winnings via PayPal, but now we would like to provide you with a short summary. As mentioned above, you can have either your card or bank account linked to your PayPal account. We remind that this is a necessity to choose either of the two options as your account won’t be valid in another case. Basically, this is your way to fund your PayPal balance and receive payments from the third parties. If linking a bank account seems more convenient to you, there is one nuance to bear in mind, particular when it comes to withdrawals. A good news is that you won’t be charged any fees for receiving withdrawal (at least unless this is not the case with conversion). The bad news is that this only works with the US-based banks. Luckily, the option with credit or debit Visa card works worldwide, which makes it the right choice for British players.

Once again, pay attention to transactions processing timeframes and fees. PayPal deposits are in most cases instant, while the procedure of receiving your winnings should take between 24 and 48 hours, no longer. As you already know, PayPal might charge some fees for processing the transactions: their amount depends on the country where the casino operator is based and the one you are playing from. This is inevitable, so just accept it as it is. At the same time, make sure to check if the casino operator does not charge their own commission for processing your withdraw request. If they do, you will end up paying two commission. What is more, if the operator sends your winnings in a currency you would later need to change, this will make for the third type of commission! Now think of what will be left of your winnings? A good news for residents of the European Union member countries is that PayPal does not charge any commission for receiving payments. If you live somewhere else, you had better consult the customer support service.

Once again about safety

We have briefly explained why you shouldn’t worry about safety of both your personal information and fund, but let’s sup it up now. First and foremost, the level of encryption they are using is really high. All the sensitive data sent between the device of a user and PayPal servers is being automatically encrypted. It is possible to talk about at least three stages of how it is done. When the user signs up or logs in, PayPal system checks whether they are using an SSL-enabled browser. Just in case you are not familiar with the term, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a protocol developed for secure transmission of data via the Internet. During this process, the information is encrypted with the 168 bits long encryption key. For now, this level was proven to be the highest commercially available. Once your information reaches PayPal servers, it is being provided with the highest possible level of protection, both electronically and physically. Finally, if you want to dig for more details, you can look through Data Encryption page on the official website of PayPal. There are lots of curious things to know!

Be aware that you have an opportunity to improve the protection of your account yourself. In particular, you can enable 2FA, or two-factor authentication. This is an additional security measure and its concept is not to allow the third parties get access to your account. To put it simple, you will need to take two steps every time you log in from a new device. Firstly, you will be asked to provide your regular password and secondly, you will have to submit a special code. This code is going to be different every time and you will be receiving it via an app or in an SMS. You will choose either of the two options yourself. Two-factor authentication isn’t enabled by default but we do recommend using it. Never neglect your security, after all.

Finally, there is one more great feature about PayPal, even though it probably won’t be helpful in the world of online gambling. In particular, PayPal team helps with refund process if the item you have purchased hasn’t arrived, has been damaged en route, or doesn’t match the description. Now you see that PayPal really cares about their customers? After all, this is one of the world’s largest companies, not just in its particular sphere of activities. Safety of funds and personal information of their customers is what makes up their reputation. Be sure, they do care about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I protect my PayPal account?

We have just written that you should enable two-factor authentication as soon as possible. This might take some of your time every time you will need to log in from a new device, but you had better not be lazy. After all, this might save you a fortune one day. Still, there are some other measures to remember about. One of them is to think about a strong password when creating your account. It should be no less than eight characters long and contain lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as digits and special characters. What we means is that something like “mypassward123” isn’t quite good. Also, avoid associations with any things that might be meaningful to you, like the birthday date, your dog’s name, and so on. A curious fact is that passwords containing misspelled words are the hardest to crack, especially in combination with unusual capitalization or something similar. And still, try not to overdo it so that you could remember your password and don’t need to restore it every time you log in.

Of course, we recommend taking these measures to protect an account on your casino website, too. It’s unlikely that someone would try to hack it, but it’s better to avoid any potential risks, especially when it comes to your finance.

  • Are there any other safety measures?

Sure! The last but not least, take care about your device security. First of all, keep the software on your device up to date, be it a computer or a mobile device. If you have the installation of new updates disabled, activate it. The enhancements in computer software and mobile applications do not stand still, just like hackers’ skills. Make sure to install an effective anti-virus program and be careful with what you click on. Don’t follow any suspicious links you aren’t sure about, especially if you receive them in emails. Never download anything from unofficial websites, especially if this is some kind of an application for playing mobile casino games. If you are going to install PayPal application, find it on an official website of the service. One more important thing is to take care about physical access to your devices. Don’t leave your mobile phone or laptop without attention and remember to use passwords on any of your devices.

Finally, don’t forget to log out if you are using somebody else’s device. This is very important! In fact, we recommend you avoid doing this at all. If you still need to do this, mind to reject the system’s pop up whether to remember your password and don’t forget to log out, refresh the page and make sure you left out. Also, the person you are borrowing a device from should be someone you trust. Once again: never neglect safety of your financial information!

  • If something goes wrong with my transaction, what shall I do?

All PayPal transactions are instantaneous, which is why any kind of delays are more likely to occur because of the casino operator you deal with. As a rule, there are no troubles with deposits and this is a matter of about five minutes for you to top up your balance and start playing. With withdrawal, you will generally have to wait for 24-48 hours to receive it. Don’t forget to read your operator’s policy as the timeframes might vary. If you don’t receive your payment anyway, contact the operator’s customer support and ask what is the problem. It could happen they need more time to verify your identity, but this is only a one-time concern. Again, this is not the fault of PayPal. In most cases, there won’t be any troubles and you will receive your payment. Unfortunately, online gambling frauds are far from being eliminated. If your deposit hasn’t been added to your balance or the operator refuses to send your winnings, you could address the support service of PayPal. They will not necessarily help you as that’s not their jurisdiction, but they might impose sanctions upon the fraudsters.