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How to Play Payforit Casino

Are you one of those players have long ago chosen mobile lifestyle and hardly ever play from your computer? If yes, you have probably heard of Payforit, haven’t you? This is one of the world’s largest mobile billing service providers. This platform was designed to enable Internet payments from your mobile phone. Taking that we all always have our mobile phones with us, that’s more than just convenient! Using Payforit is simple and fast but we have still prepared a comprehensive guide just in case you are not familiar with mobile billing services. Here below you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is Payforit?

  • What are its advantages and disadvantages?

  • How to make a payment?

  • Why Payforit is a good choice for responsible players?

  • Frequently asked questions.

Overall, Payforit plays the role of an intermediary between you the players and the seller, or a casino operator in our case. This is a platform that enables you to make deposits using your phone number, though at the same time they do not have full control over this transaction. In any case, Payforit is a great choice for many reasons. It is simple, fast, and cheap to use. Now, let’s discuss everything in detail.



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Short background

As usual, let’s begin with how it all started. The first thing you will notice if you try to find this payment platform on Google is that there are actually two of them with the same name. If you come across a system designed for paying for your kid’s lunch at school, be aware that it’s not what you need. Let’s make it simple: just visit and enjoy. So, what is Payforit? This is one of several mobile billing platforms that allows its users to pay for digital content using their mobile phone number. If your purchase does not go beyond the established limits (we will discuss them a bit later), you can use in for a variety of purposes, from buying your favorite band’s new album to donating money to charity. And of course, it gets more and more popular among online casino fans.

The platform belongs to by 3, EE, O2, and Vodafone. You probably know these of four of the largest mobile service providers in the United Kingdom. The chances you are using services of any of the four are quite high, right? That’s exactly what makes Payforit so widely-used across the UK. The only thing you will need to successfully use it is a 3G or 4G connection. Once it is established, you won’t even need to enter your phone number as the system recognizes it automatically. Overall, making a purchase won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Of course, you can also use WiFi if you want. The only difference is that you will need to enter your mobile phone number manually. In any of the cases, you will receive a text message asking you to confirm your purchase. Just enter the digital code from the message and go on. The amount of the purchase will be added to your monthly bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. We will explain how it works a bit later. Overall, Payforit is a perfect service for small purchases you are making on a daily basis. Here below you will find out why it is so.

What to begin with?

So how to start using Payforit and who can use it, actually? Pay attention that you will need a mobile device with either Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go services activated. Just in case you never dealt with any of the two, we will shortly explain the difference. In fact, these are two ways to pay for the services of your mobile operator: the prepaid and post-paid option. As their names imply, you can either pay in advance or in the end of the month when you receive the bill. Pay Monthly type is when you receive a bill and pay it off. Pay As You Go is the type of a contract when you purchase a credit in advance. Luckily, it is up to you to decide which option you like more as Payforit allows both of them. Each one has its own pros and cons. Let’s briefly discuss them.

The key advantage of the prepaid or Pay As You Go option is that the applied fees are lower comparing to Pay Monthly contract. Depending on your mobile phone operator, this isn’t always so but it is still a common case. Something this option will even be available to those who do not have a permanent address or a bank account, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are just traveling around. Finally, such kind of a contract might become a helpful tool in keeping your spendings under control. As an example, you can limit debt which is a good way to avoid not only exceeding your budget for casino games but also prevent any spontaneous purchases in online shops. In turn, Pay Monthly is a great option for those who wish to stick to a daily limit when playing. The matter is that the maximum amount you can spend per day is £30. Of course, this is a kind of a limitation but in fact this is also a good chance to learn to keep oneself under control and stick to the budget.

As for the mobile networks that support Payforit, a good news is that it is available on any of those that operate in the United Kingdom. Besides, the platform is available to users of some virtual operators like Lebara and Virgin. In other words, British players have noting to worry about as literally all mobile phone numbers that are based in the United Kingdom are supported.

Advantages of using Payforit

There are quite a lot of them but we don’t want to make the list too long. Let’s focus on the main ones instead and briefly discuss some things to bear in mind:

1) Security

When dealing with Internet merchants in general and online casinos is particular, it is very important to make sure that your information is safe. What we mean is not only your personal info like you name, phone number, address and so on, but rather banking details. One of the key disadvantages of using bank cards as your primary payment method is that you are to share quite sensitive information, usually with more than one merchant. Even though casino websites take the best possible measures to prevent security breaches, there is no guarantee you won’t become its victim one day. After all, even the world’s largest companies are not 100% protected, practice shows. In other words, the best way to protect your personal and especially financial information is not to share it with the third parties at all.

2) Simplicity

Unlike some other payment methods that we often refer to as traditional, Payforit is very fast to set up and start using. As mentioned above, you won’t need to provide information about your bank account or bank cards in order to start using this service. In fact, you don't even necessary need to have them. The only thing you do need is a valid phone number and a contract with one of mobile service providers that support Payforit. That’s it. In other words, using this particular platform is much easier and faster than dealing with bank transfers.

When it comes to e-wallets, another popular means of making deposits, setting them up might turn into quite a confusing process, even despite of the amount of guides attached. If you never deal with Internet transactions before, catching the very idea of PayPal, Skrill, or any other e-payment service might be not that easy. Besides, the process of creating, verifying, and linking your account to your online casino might be rather time-consuming. Be aware that every reliable casino operator will need to verify your identity, too. This is a routine precautionary measure that will anyway keep you waiting for at least several days. With Payforit, you only submit your phone number and then enter a code from an SMS to confirm it. If you are just an occasional player and want to keep the entire process as simple as possible, this is definitely a good choice for you.

3) Low fees

As mentioned above, Payforit is run by four large mobile operators. The fee for using the service depends on what operator you are using but still they don’t differ that much. Anyway, to use this payment method is much cheaper than using any of the traditional methods of making deposits to your casino account. If you decide upon any of e-wallets, you will need to put up with the fact that you will be losing quite a lot on the commission for transfers. You won’t notice this if you are an occasional player, but this will turn into a trouble if you play often. In fact, you might get shocked if you calculate how much you are losing on account maintenance fees, transaction fees, conversion fees, and taxes. With Skrill or PayPal, for instance, you would lose about 3% of an amount if the transfer involved currency conversion. As for taxes, a great news for British players is that the profits coming from online gambling are considered the matter of good luck but not hard work and therefore are not subject to taxation.

Anyway, let’s come back to the point. Using Payforit is really cheap and that’s what differs this payment method from many others. Also, there is no fee for deposits. After you send a payment, you will see this particular amount on your balance. Just for comparison, Skrill charges fees from deposits which isn’t that convenient, of course. Once again, you will be unpleasantly surprised if you try to figure out how much you are losing on a commission.

And still, it might happen that the amount indicated in your bill will differ from the amount you have actually spent. In this case, this is not the fault of Payforit or your mobile operator. Most probably, this is because your casino operator charges their own commission. This is quite a rare case, but there is still no guarantee you won’t come across it. To make sure of it, just contact the customer support of the casino you are dealing with and ask what kind of a commission it was. Most probably, you will have to either accept the fact that you will be paying it, or start looking for another casino operator. In fact, this isn’t that bad idea as the very concept of charging deposits is rather suspicious.

4) Growing acceptance

If you look through a couple of UK-based casino operators, you will find out that not all of them offer Payforit. There are several reasons why it is so but probably the main one is the demand. Payforit wasn’t that popular until recently, either in general use or in online gambling. Over the past years, however, the number of users has increased and keeps growing. After all, we all have our mobile phones almost always with us so this was just a question of time. Not surprisingly, casino operators follow such tendencies and do their best to make the experience of their users better. More and more of them add Payforit to the list of their payment methods and this is great! After all, it is designed for the use primarily in the United Kingdom, which makes it a perfect choice for British players. So why not to give it a try?

Disadvantages of using Payforit

There aren’t that many disadvantages but some things still should be mentioned. Finally, you will be able to avoid dealing with some unpleasant things if you get aware of them in advance. Here they are:

1) No opportunity for withdrawals

This is the key disadvantage of Payforit and all the other mobile payment platforms. They are designed in a way so that you could send a payment, but not receive it. We cannot be sure that the future will bring the solution so we simply need to put up with this fact. In case with online casino, you will need to have two methods for making payments, one for deposits and another one for receiving your winnings. Casino operators are aware of this situation so they do allow having two of them. With that in mind, you will have to carefully choose the second payment method.

What we recommend to pay attention to is the commission. The matter is that some payment providers charge their users for receiving transfers, while others collect fees for sending them. Taking that you need a payment platform to enable you receiving your winnings, you had better find the one that does not charge you for receiving payments. As an example, this is Skrill. You might already know that they charge commission when players make deposits, instead. PayPal, for instance, charges its users for receiving payments which makes it not the best choice in this particular situation. In other words, always calculate what kind of a commission you will have to pay for those particular services you will be using. If you keep using one particular payment platform for a while, you will find out that this approach helped you save a fortune.

2) Limits

There is one group of players who won’t like Payforit regardless of all its advantages, that’s for sure. These are those players who like high-rollers. Just in case you are not familiar with the term, this is an approach to playing with high stakes: the higher is your stake, the more you win. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible wit Payforit. As we already mentioned, there are limits that you cannot go beyond. To be more precise, you cannot spend more than £30 per day. For some players, this is more than enough but this isn’t that much for those who want to play and win big. And still, we believe this isn’t actually a disadvantage. As we already explained, this is rather a tool to help you keep your spending under control. It’s a simple psychological trick: even if you decide to switch to another payment method to make a deposit, it will take you about 10 minutes. For many players, this is quite enough to change their mind and keep from this idea.

Taking that there are limits on how much you can spend, as well as the fact that Payforit cannot be used for withdrawal, you are to find one more payment method. Here above we have already explained how to approach the process of searching but don’t forget to take into account that this payment platform might also serve as an alternative to the primary deposit method. After all, having it is a good idea just in view of the fact that there might be occasional troubles with the mobile operator and you might need some time to pay for your monthly bill or purchase the new credit.

So how to make a payment?

  • Making a payment via Payforit is a matter of a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide for you not to get confused in case you never did this before:

  • Go to the website of your casino operator and find the deposits page.

  • Select Payforit from the list of the available deposit methods.

  • Enter your mobile number if it is required. As we have mentioned, you will need to submit your phone number manually if you are using Wi-Fi connection. In case with 3G or 4G connection type, your phone number will be detected automatically.

  • Specify the amount you want to deposit.

  • Enter the verification code you will receive in a text message. Just for you to know, they are free and you’d better not delete them until you make sure that the payment was successful.

  • That’s it! You will have your casino balance topped in a matter of a few minutes. Luckily, Payforit transfers are instant so you won’t need to wait for too long.

It might happen that your transaction will fail for some reason. Don’ worry, anyway. You will receive a message informing you about this and explaining why it happened. There may be many reasons for that. As an example, you could have reached your daily or monthly limits if you are using the billing contract. Similarly, you could have run out of credit if you use Pay Monthly. Apart from this, something could have gone wrong with the Internet connection. You will only need to reestablish it and make one more try. Sometimes your mobile service provider might need some time to cope with a billing outage or a similar issue. If this is the case, the only thing you can do is to wait for a while. Fortunately, if your transaction fails because of some kind of a technical trouble, you won’t be charged in most cases. Anyway, if you cannot send a transfer and you are sure that this is not because of your balance or Internet connection, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support of your mobile operator.

Unrecognized payments, or why Payforit may help you develop self-control

Now try to figure out how many people really have an access to your mobile phone. Is there a chance some of your family members or friends would use it? The reason why you are to think about it is one of the troubles the users of Payforit and similar mobile payment platforms often face. What we mean are unrecognized payments, or the payments you can’t remember anything about. This is a common trouble for those who are using Pay Monthly contract, or the one allowing to pay for a bill in the end of the month. Quite often, this happens because someone took your phone, made a purchase, and forgot to tell you about this. And still, this is often a consequence of a person’s lack of self-discipline. In any case, you can look through the history of transactions and find out what purchases were made.

The information Payforit may give you about your payments is limited but you will still be able to find out some basic things. To be more precise, you will know when the transfer was made, how big it was, and who received it. You will also have the merchant’s contact details so that you could get in touch with them and request more information. What does this have to do with playing online casino? The matter is that you might simply forget how much you have already spent and go beyond your budget. In this case, transaction history might become a helpful reminder of the importance of self-discipline. Luckily, you won’t be able to spend too much as there are daily and monthly limits. In fact, all of this makes Payforit or any similar mobile payment system a perfect choice for those who are prone to gambling problems or just lack self-control. On the one hand, the set limits won’t let you spend too much per day or per month. On the other hand, transaction history will let you see how successful your attempts to stick to your budget were.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any alternatives to Payforit?

As you already understand, Payforit is designed for the use in the United Kingdom and run by four largest UK-based mobile operators. One of its advantages is that it isn’t available in most other countries. However, there are local alternatives. One of the biggest companies that provides similar services is Boku, a payment platform based in the United States. Lots of casino operators offer this service, too. There is also another one, Siru Mobile, with their headquarters being located in Helsinki. In fact, many countries have their own systems of mobile payments that are supported by local operators. The thing you could begin with is to call the customer support of your mobile service provider and ask if there is any mobile billing system they deal with.

  • Is it safe to use Payforit?

Yes, this is absolutely safe. After all, this is probably the biggest and most reputable company within its sector in the United Kingdom. The thing to be worried about is rather the casino provider you are going to deal with. Unfortunately, online gambling is infamous for scam websites that do not pay out their players’ winnings or set its games in a way so that players couldn’t request the withdrawal or even just win. Make sure that you are dealing with a licensed casino with clear and transparent policies. Carefully read all of them, especially the one related to withdrawals. Also, don’t forget to check what kind of a license the casino operates under. We recommend British players to only deal with those casino operators licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If sometimes goes wrong, this authority might help you resolve the issue.

  • Is it possible to extend the daily limit?

As you remember, there is a limit on how much you can spend per day and per month. With most mobile operators, the daily limit is £30. Once you reach it, your further attempts to send a payment will fail. And still, you can try to extend this limit if you feel it is not enough. After all, you might need to use Payforit both for gambling and some of your own purposes. To do this, contact the customer support of your mobile operator and ask if it is possible. Depending on their policies and for how long you have been using them, they might agree to meet your request. 

  • Does Payforit work on iOS?

Yes, sure. It doesn’t matter what operating system or a device you are using as Payforit is designed in a way to work on any platform. The process of using it is entirely based on your mobile service provider. 

  • What kind of SMS will I receive?

Mainly, you will be receiving text messages with a digital code required to confirm your transaction. Once the transaction is sent, you will get another text message informing you that the transaction was or wasn’t successful. They will also include some additional information like the name of the merchant and their contact details. We recommend you not to delete them as they might help you trace your transactions if you happen to forget any of the details related to them. Also, don’t delete such messages until you make sure that the transaction was indeed successful.

Apart from this, you might occasionally receive some informational and promotional texts from Payforit itself. Don’t worry, this is by no means spam. You will also receive some messages if you subscribe for newsletters. You can cancel the subscription any time, of course.

  • What shall I do if my payment fails?

In such a case, you will receive a message explaining what went wrong. Simply follow the instructions. In most cases, payments fail because of troubles with Internet connection: you will be able to successfully send it once the connection is reestablished. Another common reason is that you might have reached your daily limit or run out of credit. In this case, simply allow some time or top your balance. If none of these was the case and you cannot figure out what was wrong, get in touch with the customer support of your mobile operator and ask for assistance.