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To tell the truth, it could take us hours to talk about slots. This is an indeed broad topic we could actually devote an entire book to. Still, playing is better than reading. Within this article, we were trying to touch only the most important aspects. Let’s begin!

Here is a short overview of our article for you not to get lost:

  • How slots work and what is RNG

  • How to choose a good slot

  • Must-know principles of a slot fan

  • Tips and dangers of playing slots

  • Common myths

One important thing to remember is that you can actually play slots for free. A great choice for those still hesitating whether to bet for real money! There are lots of resources offering this opportunity, with no limits on gaming time imposed. The only disadvantage of playing for fun is that this won’t make you a happy jackpot winner one day. In other words, think about overcoming your hesitation. Just look through a couple of important tricks and hurry up to join the game!



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How things work

The main principle of how slots work lies in randomness. Have you ever heard on Random Number Generator, or simply RNG? As you might have guessed, its mission is to produce random sequences of numbers in a fraction of a second. In other words, this is a computer element of a game, applied not just in slots but also in keno, video poker, and other online games.

A thing to remember is that the outcome of each spin is in no way related to to the number sequence of the previous or the following ones. The sequence of numbers depends on a specific set of principles and the software applied. What it implies is that you should not trust the feeling of winning hand: if you win in a couple of spins, this in no way means you will keep winning. In such a way, winning in online games is determine by pure randomness. Consider this if you are still thinking whether to join the ranks of online gambling fans.

Quality criteria to follow

Want to try or keep playing no matter what? Great! Still, it seems there are just too many slots, right? Some of them would make a good choice, but you’d better avoid some others. It is possible to categorize slots in some way, but most of them still have their own rules and features. What is more, playing slots is associated with its own terminology which might make you feel a bit confused. No panic, you do have a chance not to get lost. The main thing is to stay attentive and avoid spontaneous decisions. Here below is a short guideline to follow to make a wise choice:

1) Jackpot!

After all, hitting a jackpot is an ultimate purpose, so why not to treat is as a number-one criterion? To put it short, slots feature three different kinds of the top prize. There are slots with fixed jackpot, which means that the amount you might win isn’t changing in the course of the game. This is a good choice for those who prefer to win less but more often. For comparison, the amount of the first prize keeps growing while you are playing slots with progressive jackpot. These are two most popular jackpot types, but there are some other variations. As an example, there are the so-called network jackpots: it is comprised of bets placed by players across all gambling venues that feature this particular slot. In fact, this is very similar to how national lotteries work, even though such approach is not quite common. The last but not least, there are local jackpots, or those made up of bets placed on a particular gambling website, or locale. Of course, this is just a short overview of the topic, but you can dive in for more details if you are curious to know more.

2) Return to Player

Widely referred to as RTP, this value defines the percentage of how often players are likely to receive the money bet in winnings. To put it simple, the money players wager when playing are being payed back to them over a certain period of time. Return to Player indicates the percentage of players’ wagers those have back.

To be honest, explaining how RTP is being calculated could turn into a longread, but we won’t go into details too deeply. Here is a small example to make things clear. Let’s imagine you came across a slot with the RTP value being 97%. The total amount of your bets is $100. Out of this sum, you are likely to get $97 in winnings.

Therefore, RTP stands for the opposite to house edge. Roughly speaking, this term specifies how much a gambling operator is going to earn from a player’s bet. Coming back to the previous example, the house edge is 3%, which means that the casino earns $3 from each $100 wagered. This is just a simple math, nothing more!

3) Special features

Warning! There is a great many of them and you actually might assume it is so to make players feel confused. In fact, the idea is just to attract player as the level of competition in online gambling industry is ridiculously high. Meanwhile, you might bear away an awesome prize if you learn how slot features work.

One of the most popular form of special features are wild symbols. They come in different types, but the main idea is that they can replace any other symbol, not counting scatter symbols and bonus symbols. Scatters, in turn, allow you to unlock something nice, like free spins or an additional game. Just in case you didn’t know, a free spin is an additional round. Multipliers, another popular feature, allow you to increase your prize by two, three, or even more times.

Of course, this is just a drop in the ocean. The list is easy to continue, while the use of all of the above-mentioned features varies in different slots. Still, that’s enough to begin playing. Read the rules attentively and everything will be fine.

4) Paylines

In simple terms, this is a line a winning combination may fall on. The very first slots had only one payline, which means players had only one chance to win during the spin. Today, slots generally feature between 25 and 30 paylines, or even more. There is a good news for those keen on old-school: one-payline slots still exist, though it might be tricky to find them. In the long run, however, this is only the matter of taste.

Some slots allow not to active all of the featured paylines. As an example, there might be 20 paylines, but you only bet on 10 of them. On the one hand, this might save you a bit of money if you lose the entire bet. On the other hand, you won’t receive anything as well if you get a winning combination on a payline you didn’t activate.

5) Theme

The variety of slot themes is really huge and we are sure you will find the one to suit even the most sophisticated taste. To avoid any confusion, the slot theme is what unites not only graphics, icons, and buttons, but also sound effects and even special features. As an example, you could try playing

Since recently, game developers are doing their best to follow the latest trends and catch what is popular. And that’s cool! You can try playing slots based on popular TV series like the Game of Thrones or even Griffin Family. Movie slots are easy to come across as welll. But have you ever heard of slots themed around such bands as Metallica, Motorhead, or Queen? You do have a chance to find them if you do a small research!

Three principles to always remember about

In fact, looking for your future favorite slot and trying various options is a really involving process. With no exceptions, all the members of BonCasino team love it! And still, there are three things to bear in mind:

  • Make it a rule to only deal with fully licensed and properly regulated casino providers. If a casino does not have a license, it means it is being operated in an illegal way. Do we still need to explain anything?

  • When choosing a particular slot, pay attention to the software provider. Those developed by leaders of the industry are more likely to be free of bugs and often have better winning statistics. However, this kind of let’s call it “quality control” won’t make a big concern if you follow the previous advice.

  • Always remember about responsible approach to gambling. Know your limits and don’t step out them. After all, gambling addiction and any form of problematic behavior are not a myth. Learn to catch the moment when you need to stop.

Tips to play online slots

Even after you make a choice, keep being careful. Here are several tips to turn the responsible approach into your rule:

1) Try demo version

You can try playing most slots for free and we do recommend you doing this. Even if there is no demo version on the website of your choice, it might be available on other resources. Anyway, never neglect doing this. Taking a close look at the slot rules and features might help you become a lucky winner. Yes, most slots are a game of chance, but being aware of their specifics might save you from a wrong step.

2) Adhere to your budget

Accept the fact that you will be losing. If you are playing on a regular basis, be ready to face the fact you will be losing quite often. In view of this, decide on a budget before you start playing. Firstly, always stay within this budget. Secondly, set a rule to never chase your losses. Never! That’s one of the most common causes of problematic gambling behavior. Keep the process of playing just fun, not challenging.

3) Play in good mood

Playing in a bad or overexcited mood might be a dangerous road. We are not trying to say that you should never do this, but still stay careful in order not to hurt your wallet. Playing for too long when you are in a negative emotional state is a bad idea as well. Games cannot help you fix your problems but simply let you take a break. To keep it short, play responsibly!

4) Be attentive with bonuses

Getting a bonus is obviously great, but you should still learn how to properly use them. As a rule, the simpler is the better. Welcome bonuses and No Deposit bonuses are in most cases safe to you. Just in case you are not sure about the difference, you receive the first one after you make your first deposit, while the second one is given basically for nothing, with no deposits required. And still, never forget to carefully read all the applied rules, particularly when it comes to wagering requirements. In some cases, they might make you assume that the bonus you were offered wasn’t as great as you thought it was.

5) Slot volatility

In simple terms, this is a level of risk you take when you join the game. Slots with high volatility feature great prizes, but you won’t be winning that often. On the contrary, low volatility slots have more frequent but smaller wins. Figuring out which option suits you better is an individual process. Still, you should learn how to distinguish between the two. There are just two ways, however. The simple approach is to do a research and check a couple of information portals, as well as read players’ feedback. The second one is to find this out yourself, which is more risky but anyway more accurate.

The bad side of playing slots

When searching for a game provider and slots to try your luck in, you will probably come across options that look really pretty and absolutely safe to play. Don’t jump to such conclusions, however. The truth is always hidden and the only obvious fact is that any casino still needs to earn. After all, the only free cheese is in a mousetrap. Your mission is now to find out what you were not supposed to.

As mentioned above, you are to check whether the casino that offers a slot of your choice is licensed and properly regulated. However, that’s not all. The true challenge is to figure out volatility of a given slots, as well as its payout rates.

An interesting thing is ads. If you visit a gambling website, you will probably notice that the ads of some games are everywhere and you actually have a greater chance to accidentally click “Play” than skip them. In fact, this should make you suspicious. As a rule, your real odds of winning in such slots are rather low, so consider skipping the first three or four pages in the slot catalog.


There are several strategies of a successful player, but it would take us too long to describe all of them. In short, the choice of a strategy depends on your budget and how risky you are, as well as the payout rates and risk factor of every particular slot.

As an example, let’s talk about “Gamble” button. A short reference: this is a feature that allows you to double the amount you have just won in a spin or a bonus game. As defined within one of the most popular strategies, players are to bet very small amounts of money. As soon as you get the winning combination, choose “Gamble”. Keep doubling your winnings until you hit the desired amount or lose completely. At the very beginning, however, strictly define your budget and give yourself a promise to stick to it. This approach might seem risky, but you can actually manage it. To see how it works, start with the minimum. Firstly, you can set the amount of paylines you want to play on. Chose only one, to begin with. Secondly, make really small bets. As an example, one cent will be just fine. You can afford to double one cent win on one payline, right? In fact, some game providers even restrict the amount of double-ups in a row. Why? Because this strategy works and it is really effective.

Slot paylines and reels

So far, we have mentioned the term “paylines” quite a lot of times and we are sure you already understand what it stands for. However, there are some important details you should bear in mind.

The average number of paylines featured in a slot is about 25. If you activate all of them, your winning chances are high, of course. On the other hand, the cost of such bet will be 25 times higher: if your bet per payline is one cent, the bet per 25 paylines will be $2,5. The math is very simple, but are you ready to place $1 per payline and activate all of them? As mentioned above, always decide on your budget before you start playing, but not after.

What all of this implies is that you won’t win much if you place small bets. That’s not how things work. Now, the most shocking fact: in most games, you can only hit the jackpot if you place the maximum bet on all the available paylines. Is it worth trying? Theoretically, yes. Practically, it is much wiser to place smaller bets and win less but often. Even if you lose, this won’t hurt your wallet, while a couple of maximum size bets might cost you a fortune. After all, there is no guarantee that you are more likely to win if you place higher bets.

And also, don’t forget about reels! The number of reels in a slot does not affect the bet cost, but it does affect your chances to win. We remind, this is the number of symbols that fall on a payline during a spin. Most today’s slots feature either three or five reels but there are other variations, of course. Obviously, the more reels a slot have, the more combinations slot symbols might form. In practice this implies that players are more likely to hit greater but rarer prizes. Again, don’t forget about the volatility concept. Three-reel slots are considered classic and we do recommend to begin with them to grasp the whole idea.

Free spins

When it comes to slots, this is a type of perks you will come across most often. As its name implies, this is a round in a game you can play for free. Across various games, the system of free spins works in a different way. Quite often, they are quite similar to a traditional Welcome Bonus. As an example, you might place a $20 deposit and get 100 free spins as a reward. In some cases, you receive free spins right after you set up an account on a particular website, with no need to make a deposit first. Unfortunately, you can receive this kind of a bonus only once.

When you get free spins, you can spend them playing either any slot available on the website or just some particular one. This depends on the bonus policy of every particular operator, so be attentive with the rules. Of course, all the winnings you get when playing with free spins are added to your balance and you can withdraw them with your regular winnings. And once again, always check wagering requirements. There are cases, however, when gambling operators do not apply them. This is a very rare occasion, taking that the casino bear losses in this case. The only reason why it is done is to encourage players to stay and keep playing instead of searching for some other place.

Myths around slots

  • There are no loose slots here

“Loose” slot is one more term you can come across: it means that a slot features more frequent wins that might also be higher than usual. Another side of this misconception covers the so-called “tight” slots, or those paying out smaller amount and not quite often. In fact, both types exist. Some slots were intentionally set to a particular winning rate. If to talk about land-based casinos, tight slots are designed for tourists. An experienced player, however, most often grasps the difference between both types. In other words, this is a skill to be trained.

  • You can predict your win

Some players claim they had a specific feeling the moment before they hit the prize. Even if they did, it could not be based on any objective facts. We remind that the key principle of how slots work is randomness. What is more, the software that runs a slot does not even know whether the combination of symbols it generates is a winning one. It doesn’t also have a memory and cannot estimate how big the previous prize was.

  • You are more likely to win during slow hours of a day

You could have heard that the chances of winning are higher when there are less website visitors and vice versa. In fact, casino operators would not set their slots to work in this way even if they could. Their aim is to earn but still make players want to return next time. If the slots became “tighter” from time to time, regular players would feel this.

  • If the jackpot has not been won for quite a while, you have higher chance to hit it 

This misconception roots in the belief that slots are programmed for specific payouts. However, as explained above, slots are not designed to store information on winnings in their memory. In other words, it doesn’t matter how long ago the last jackpot was hit and the slot won’t start paying out less to restore the winning percentage balance.