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No Wagering Casino Bonus UK

Try to guess what the best thing about no wagering casino bonuses is. We agree, it is not that easy to answer taking the amount of advantages associated with them. And still, probably the best one is that the casino operators offering no wagering casino bonuses are almost 100% safe to deal with. Do you want to know why? At first, let’s briefly explain what no wagering casino bonuses are, just in case there is someone unfamiliar with the term. So, these are a kind of bonuses that go with no wagering requirements at all. You are probably happy now, at least if you know that wagering requirements are the most frequent disappointment associated with the use of casino bonuses. We will explain what it is a bit later. In case with no wagering casino bonuses, you don’t need to worry about this at all. Of course, there are some things to take into account and that’s exactly what we will discuss here in our guide. In particular, you will find the following:

  • What is the key idea of wagering requirements?

  • Where to find no wager bonus?

  • Are they cashable?

  • Are there any nuances to remember about?

  • Why bonuses with wagering requirements might turn into a thing of the past?

  • Frequently asked questions.

The greatest thing about no wager bonuses is that they are actually the fair. There are several reasons that justify the existence of wagering requirements but overall they are only making players’ life more complicated. Luckily, once you understand how to calculate them and figure out the true value of a bonus, you will know what bonuses to accept and in what cases it is better to do without a bonus at all. We do hope that more casino operators will take this factor into account and no wagering bonuses will become easier to come across.


So what is the key point?

No wagering bonuses are a kind of a revolution in the world of online gambling. Getting a bonus or any other perk is a great thing, but the way it is supposed to be used might seem to be rather frustrating. If you have an experience of using basically any casino bonuses, you have probably already faced the challenge of meeting wagering requirements. Quite often, they are unrealistically high and in fact impossible to meet. In some cases, you will only be able to fulfill the wagering requirements after you spend a fortune playing. No need to explain, this is by far not always reasonable. At the same time, you probably know that you cannot withdraw your winnings until you meet the wagering requirements: this is the key policy of all casino operators. And in fact, this is the most frequent source of disappointment of casino players. This is the point when lots of casino players start suspecting casino operators of being fraudsters, though in fact they are not. The key thing is just to ready the Terms of Use attentively before accepting the bonus but not afterwards.  

In case with no wagering bonuses, you won’t need to worry about anything like that. Indeed, there are a couple of limitations no wagering bonuses are associated with but they are still simple to cope with. You might assume that there is something wrong with that and there is a catch somewhere. In fact, this is not the case. No wagering requirements are a kind of a fresh and innovative approach in online casino and an attempt to leave the outdated standards behind. After all, to hit the prize and being able to receive it with no traps hidden in the fine print is awesome, isn’t it? Bonuses with wagering requirements are still used much more widely but we hope that this will become a tendency of the past one day. Let’s wait a while and we will see!

How to receive no wagering bonus?

The most frequent case when you have a chance to come across no wagering bonus is when you sign up with a new casino operator and claim their welcome bonus. In other words, this is a feature typical of newer casino operators, though this is not a rule. In case with welcome no wagering bonuses, it is enough to sing up and make your first deposit. That’s it! You can enjoy playing. And still, there are several things to take into account when choosing the casino operator to deal with. We have already discussed them in a separate guide so we won’t dig deeply into details. Here are just some basic things.

Choose reliable casino operator

It doesn’t actually matter for how long the casino operator exists. Be it an old reputable casino operator or any of the fresh ones, you should be careful anyway. One of the key things it is supposed to have is the license. For any casino operator, license stands for its legal permission for operation. Issued by internationally acknowledged authorities responsible for regulation of online gambling market, casino operation licenses are a kind of a proof that its holder went through a series of careful checks that ensure their fairness and compliance with the related laws and regulations. Talking about casino providers based in the United Kingdom, we recommend dealing with those licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is one of the world’s best and most reputable organizations of its kind. If you face any troubles in your relationship with the casino operator, you can count on their support. Naturally, this won’t be the case with casino operators that do not have a license at all.

Find appropriate payment method

One more thing to check is whether the casino operator offers at least one payment method that would suit you. The matter is that by far not all payment methods that are widely used in online gambling might be available where you live. What is more, those payment providers that cover your country might not accept payments connected to online gambling. PayPal is a bright example. Even though it is based in the United States, it cannot be used by local players as the provider’s official policies prohibit the use of PayPal for gambling purposes in areas where online gambling is legally prohibited. It is also possible that payments provider accepts only deposits but does not allow withdrawals, or vice versa. Of course, you had better check it all in advance so that nothing could prevent you from receiving your no wagering bonus and further winnings.

Go through identity verification procedure

One of the reasons why there might be a delay with paying your winnings out is the fact that the casino operator needs to complete identity verification process. On average, it takes about 3-5 business days but can still take up more time if there is anything wrong with the documents you submit. The key thing is that most casino operators start this process only after you are ready to withdraw your winnings and your payment methods is attached. In other words, there is no way to speed up this process or skip it. The only thing you can do is to keep calm and wait. After all, this procedure takes place for good purpose. As long as casino operators are aware who they are dealing with, this allows them to act in a much more efficient way when it comes to underage playing prevention and elimination or crime. This also shows that the casino operator is ready to comply with laws and regulations of online gambling industry. What is more, the mere fact that the casino operator might not conduct such procedure is supposed to arouse suspicion. Safety comes first, after all.

Are no wagering bonuses cashable?    

You have probably heard that some of the casino bonuses are cashable while others are not. What does it actually mean? Let’s briefly discuss the difference so that you are aware of the terms. If a bonus is cashable, it means that you can withdraw its remaining amount after wagering requirements are met. If the bonus is non-cashable, you cannot withdraw its value while withdrawing your winnings. With no wagering bonuses this all works exactly the same with the only exception that there are no wagering requirements at all.

In case with no wager bonuses, most of them are non-cashable, meaning that you cannot withdraw the value of the bonus no matter when you send the withdrawal request. And still, there are exceptions from this rule even though they are quite hard to come across. Again, the fact that a casino operator might offer such promotions means that it is temporal and its aim is to attract new people, as well as encourage their loyal customers to keep playing.

In most cases, you can only withdraw winnings that you hit while playing on the no wager bonus. Taking that in some cases such bonuses do not even have any particular value, this sounds rather fair. After all, no wager bonuses quite often come in a form of free spins to be used in slots, which means that their value cannot actually be withdrawn. Some casino operators offer up to 80 or even 100 free spins, with no wagering requirements at all! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Still, this is often an offer that comes as a welcome bonus, which means the one you receive when you sing up for a new casino website. For their regular players, casino operators generally offer between 20 and 50 no wager free spins, which is not bad as well.

Are there withdrawal limits for no wager bonuses?

Depending on the policies of a casino operator, there might be both minimum and maximum withdrawal caps. Indeed, the use of no wagering bonuses is associated with some kind of limitations and this is just one of them. This works in the following way. When you receive a bonus, you can play as much as you want but you should remember that there is a cap of how much of these winnings can be withdrawn. If you happened to win more, the remaining amount can only be used for further playing. This is quite a disappointing situation but the advantages of no wagering bonuses still outweigh the limitations of those.

On the contrary, there might be the minimum limit of how much you can withdraw. In other words, you won’t be able to request the withdrawal until you reach a particular amount. This is not quite convenient taking that sometimes you might lack about £5 or even £3! While attempting to win £3 more, you might lose let’s say £10 and the entire process will eventually take even more time. In any case, the information on the withdrawal limits is supposed to be provided in your operator’s Terms of Use. If it is not, you had better contact their customers support and make it all clear.

Ready for the big game?

One of the greatest things about no wagering bonuses is that they are often available for high-roller players. Do you know what high-roller playing is? This is when players make large deposits and set high bets. Such deposits might be around £1,000 or even higher, while one bet might take on average £100. Such an approach might seem to be mildly speaking risky, but it is still reasonable in case with high-volatile games that pay out huge but seldom prizes. On the contrary, small stakes are better for playing low-volatile games with small but regular payouts.

Coming back to the point, players making large deposits always receive great deposit bonuses. Even though the wagering requirements they go with are not that high as in case with standard bonuses, they are still very difficult to meet as in the long run a player would need to spend a fortune. After all, the idea of wagering requirements is that players are to play through the total amount of their deposit and bonus value several times. Can you imagine spending £1,000 and the bonus you receive for such a deposit several times? Probably, no. With no wagering high-roller bonuses, this is not a concern at all. Practice shows that no wagering high-roller bonuses are not that easy to come across. After all, we suppose you would agree that high-roller playing isn’t the approach for everyone. And still, you will easily find a couple of casino operators based in the United Kingdom that do offer such service. Once you find them, get ready to win big!

Will the idea of wagering requirements disappear one day?

We suppose that the very idea of wagering requirements is outdated and will soon become a thing of the past. Indeed, there are several important reasons why they exist. First and foremost, setting wagering requirements is the guarantee for a casino operator that players won’t just withdraw the value of the bonus and what they immediately win and disappear. After all, this would lead to their bankruptcy. Secondly, this is one of the measures that helps the participants of online gambling market eliminate crime from the industry. To be more precise, this makes money laundering impossible as a person can not just place a deposit and request the immediate withdrawal. And still, by far not all of us would care about such things if we wind ourselves in a trap of too high wager level.

Wagering requirements are a thing that makes players’ life more complicated, that’s for sure. However, players have long ago learned how to calculate wagering requirements and define the true value of a bonus. After all, high bonus amount does not necessarily mean that the bonus itself is good and worthy to accept. Its true value is only revealed once you attentively read the rules and terms it goes with. All of this leads to the tendency that players are highly likely to refuse from the bonus they are offered. Of course, this isn’t that good for casino operator. Even more, once players find out that the wagering requirements of a casino operator’s bonuses are unrealistically high, this serves as a warning sign for them. After all, if the casino operator chooses unfair policy in this particular aspect, where is the guarantee that they will be fair in other aspects of the gameplay? For instance, when if comes to the withdrawal policy, which is very important. In other words, such a tendency showed casino operators that their approach is a kind of outdated and requires reconsideration.

In such a way, bonuses that come with wagering requirements are step by step becoming a thing of the past, at least we hope so. Of course, we cannot say that no wager bonuses are now a frequent thing but now they are definitely easier to come across than a few years ago. We hope that this tendency will keep expanding in future. Of course, the mere fact that the bonus goes without wagering requirements does not necessarily mean that you can now relax and care about nothing. Like before, you should be very attentive with the rules applied to it. Apart from this, never neglect reading the Terms of Use of a particular operator and paying attention not just to their bonus policy, but their mode of work overall. After all, the craziest things are always hidden in the fine prints. Just be careful and don’t let bright and generous promises deceive you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can no wager bonuses go in combination with other bonuses?

Yes, there are such cases. In fact, there are so called bonus packages. What it means is that players receive not one separate bonus but rather a combination of several ones. Most frequently, it works with deposit or no deposit bonuses. As an example, players might make a deposit of £20 and receive the 100% deposit bonus, which is £20 as well. In addition to this, they might receive let’s say 15 free spins with no wager requirements applied. In such a case, £20 of bonus amount go with a particular set of wagering requirements that are supposed to be met. Meanwhile, players receive 15 free spins with no conditions to be fulfilled. Of course, we cannot say that this is a no wagering bonus package. In fact, it is not. And still, a small part of it goes for free and this is a good compromise.

  • Why are no wager bonuses not as generous as standard bonuses?

Indeed, you could have noticed that the bonuses that go with no wagering requirements applied aren’t as big as the standard ones. This is quite a common tendency which is in fact one of the limitations associated with their use or at least that’s what you might think at the very first sight. However, take a look at this from a different viewpoint. If you try to figure out the true value of some of the standard bonuses, you will find out that it is even lower than in case with no wager bonuses. Another important aspect is fairness. In case with no wagering bonuses, you always receive what you were promised. When you are accepting a bonus with wagering requirements, you never know for sure how things will turn out.

  • What are no wager slots?

When it comes to no wagering bonuses, this is just one more term you might occasionally come across. In fact, it stands for the slots to play which the no wagering bonuses can be used. As mentioned above, in some cases no wagering bonuses might cover only a particular set of games the casino operator wants to promote for some reason. Most often, these are slots and in this case they are referred to as no wagering slots. As for the forms no wagering bonuses might come in, most often these are bonus money or just free spins. The greatest thing is when such bonuses cover progressive jackpots slots. With that, your chances to win and mainly withdraw your winnings without any troubles and delays have never been higher!