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We all know that world’s casino market continues to grow. New websites are being launched every month, while the overall landscape is quite changing. They all seek to stand out and attract attention of players. No wonder, it is quite easy to get lost in this confusing variety of newly-emerged sites, as well as the newest games, features, and bonuses.

Our team perfectly knows what our readers are looking for: high security standards, rich collection of games, and fair play. Meanwhile, the level of competition keeps growing. To win the attention of players, casinos are offering special promos and exclusive bonuses, wagering-free spins and pretty large Welcome Bonus, marvelous jackpots, and many other awesome things. We, the team of BonCasino, want to help our readers not to get lost in this variety of opportunities and catch the most generous perks. Anyway, look through a couple of things to remember before you join the game.

Best new casinos to win real prize

Just for your interest, the very first Internet-based casino appeared about 25 years ago. Since then, Internet gambling market has drastically changed and grown. In the course of 10 years it became one of the most profitable sectors on the Internet. As of 2017, worldwide market size has reached 115 billion U.S. dollars, while by the end of 2019 it is expected to 130 billion U.S. dollars. As you can see, the sector keeps growing in high gear. Let’s see what future will bring!

By 2023, the revenues of the global gambling market are expected to be close to astonishing $525 billion. If you are curious to know what stands behind such success, there are several factors: per capita income growth, increasing number of dual-income families, growing presence of mobile apps, and finally, strong interest. From the viewpoint of an average player, this is for sure great. To compete for attention, casinos are literally forced to provide services of the highest quality. In order to help our readers make the correct choice in such a variety of options, we prepared a list of criteria to follow.



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Criteria of a reliable casino operator

  • License

Obtaining a license is a must for any casino operator that wants to run business in a proper manner. In fact, it is unlawful for the casino to operate without a license, while those operators that willfully avoid paying the license fee are supposed to be penalized. As an example, having a license is one of the mandatory requirements set by banks to merchants who want to open up an account. In order to receive a license, the casino operator will have to prove the transparency of all their operations, as well as their commitment to fair gambling policies.

Licenses are issued by gambling authority organizations. Entrusted by the respective governments, their mission is to monitor and regulate operation of gambling providers. You could have heard of the most well-known bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission, Curaçao Gaming Control, Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, and others. To receive the license, the applicant is supposed to go through a number of serious checks, particularly in terms of financial and technical issues. The purpose of such authorities is to guarantee fairness of playing and that fact that numbers are generated in a random way. Another important aspect of such checks is tax auditing, as well as general business practices the provider applies. Apart from this, it is checked whether the casino owners are indeed capable of running the casino and if their financial status meets the requirements for running an online gambling venue. In other words, the final mission is to ensure high quality of services players receive.

  • Security

Whether or not the casino is certified hints at the quality of security the casino of your choice offers. Overall, security level stands for the ability of a casino operator to protect your personal information and bankroll, as well as ensure fairness of playing process. After all, you had better not entrust your personal info and credit card details to individuals with questionable reputation, agree?

Always check what kind of data encryption and security methods the casino utilizes. Carefully read their Privacy policy, as a minimum. Most UK-based providers are using the 128-bit SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, if you are curious. To put it simple, it allows scrambling your information while it is being sent to the receiving server, which prevents hackers and other third-parties from accessing it. As a rule, it is used in combination with another popular encryption strategy, namely Transport Layer Security, or TLS. There are several ways of how these protocols can be used to protect players’ data, as well as a couple of other approaches to the issue. In any case, high level of security is more important than large game gallery, even though many players leave it without attention, unfortunately. Make a wise choice!

  • Deposits and withdrawals

 As you know, before you start playing you will need to find a method to make deposits and receive your winnings. Do a research before setting up an account on a website you chose. The matter is that some payment methods might be restricted within your jurisdiction. Don’t worry, however. Client-oriented casinos offer a large selection of available methods to allow players to join the game from basically anywhere. In some cases, you will even be able to use your credit card, like Visa or MasterCard. Still, the status of the most trusted and widely-used one probably belongs to PayPall. So far, it has been in use for about two decades. Another popular transaction method is Neteller,  an e-service with 15-year long reputation and the vast majority of its income coming from gambling providers. Some casino providers also deal with offline payment systems, such as Bank Wire, eCheck, and Western Union. Such transaction might take more time and be accompanied by higher fees, so we recommend using debit cards or e-wallets. But of course, the choice is yours.

  • Game gallery

 We have been trying to figure out the amount of casino games that exist now, but it seems to be impossible. The conclusion we came up with is that you will never get bored or run out of games to try your luck in. New games keep coming out all the time and it is easy to get lost in such variety, in fact.

There is an opinion that 2019 is going to become one of the most remarkable years in the entire history of online casino playing. There are lots of tendencies to discuss, but one of the most interesting ones is the boom of skill-based games. As you might have guessed, the outcome in such games depends on a player’s skills and strategy they apply, which means you can actually learn to win more often. Sport betting is another major trend that is expected to grow in the nearest months.

  • Customer care

 Players sometimes face a situation when they need help or a piece of advice immediately. Of course, it is rather disappointing to find out that customer support service is not available at the moment and will not help you with your issue within the nearest time. Believe us, you will never find a perfect casino but you can still find the one able to find quick solutions of something goes wrong.

We can name at least three indicators of a high-class support service. Firstly, it must be responsive, which means that it won’t take customer for too long to get in touch with the support operator. Secondly, there should be several channels to choose among, such as live chat, phone calls, emails, and so on. And thirdly, the information players receive must be accurate.

Of course, there are several other things to pay attention to. If English is not the language you prefer, find a casino provider that provides assistance in different languages. Another important aspect is whether the phone support service is free. You probably don’t want to pay huge bills just because you asked a couple of questions! Still, even if the casino of your choice does not provide free phone support, you can avoid making extra expenses if you use the online chat.

In such a way, never neglect this issue. After all, the efficiency of customer support is one of the main things that define your playing experience.

  • Interface design

 The way a website looks is one of the first things to create an impression about a casino. You will probably agree that this is exactly what makes players stay and take a look around if they are visiting a casino site for the first time. Therefore, user-friendliness and navigation is a must for successful casino providers. Indeed, the newest sites are easy to use in terms of navigation: thanks to filters, it won’t take you long to get from the home page to the chosen game. The procedure of registration is fast and simple, with no need to fill in long and boring forms. Practice shows that the simple is the better. Most of newest websites them have very simple, intuitive and sometimes even futuristic look, free of any kind of unnecessary elements. And still, it is not always wise to concentrate on design too much. Minor drawbacks in the way a website looks do not necessarily mean that this particular casino should not be trusted.

1) Responsible Gambling.

Take your time to read this section, as well as all the other documents that explain your rights. Just for you to know, this term defines the set of concepts and practices created to protect players from the potential problems associated with Internet gambling. If none of such documents is provided, it is better to find another venue.

2) Unique bonuses and promotions.

Making a choice in favor of a brand-new venue is often associated with getting exclusive bonuses and other nice perks. After all, this is one of such casinos’ tricks to attract players, so why not to use it? When picking up a bonus, pay attention to the following criteria: its size, wagering requirements, Terms of Use, and availability. As for the first one, more is not always better. The matter is that the rules applied to some bonuses might eat up its value. Therefore, we recommend you to scrupulously learn the associated wagering requirements and general Terms of Use. Finally, some bonuses are offered only in a particular place or particular type of players, which means you need to check whether the bonus is available to you. As a rule, fair casinos with high percentage of winnings make pretty offers on a regular basis. One more trick for players who are new to gaming online: don’t miss promotions made to a special occasion, like Christmas or New Year. You might win really big if you are lucky enough!

Newest mobile-friendly casinos

You have probably noticed that mobile casinos are basically everywhere, right? No wonder, taking that 58% of last year’s website visits come from mobile traffic. In fact, we believe this is no longer a separate form of gambling, but its very essence. After all, people not always have an access to their PCs, while a mobile phone is almost always with them, which makes mobile playing a really convenient thing. Not only on the go.  

It doesn’t matter what operating system you are using, be it Android, iOS, or Windows. Likewise, you can use any device you prefer. Most mobile casinos are compatible with any platform! What is more, choosing a mobile casino might give you some perks the PC users won’t get, such as special bonuses or games created for playing on a mobile phone. In some cases, mobile casino operators even give their players the No-Deposit Bonus, or an opportunity to hit a fantastic prize with no need to spend money at first. Of course, the list of bonuses is far from being completed.

Categories of mobile casinos:

1) Download Version.

Some mobile casino providers offer free downloadable apps. It is easy: you simply download the installation file and then install it on your device. As you understand, you will be able to access such games any time regardless of Internet connection. Such products are compatible with most mobile devices, especially if to talk about the Android-based ones. Of course, iOS users will be offered a great choice too, even though the number of Android-friendly applications is a bit larger.

If you decide to download such app, we recommend to address the official website of the casino offering it. You may find the app in many app stores, but in this case there is a risk that the app turns to be fake. Never forget about safety measures!

2) Instant Play

This mode of playing allows to play games via the browser. You won’t need to install any apps to access them, which is why instant play casinos are convenient to use. Naturally, such websites are fully adjusted to the needs and preferences of mobile users. One more great feature about instant play mode is that in some cases player can join a live game, which only became possible since recently. Pay attention that the industry is only starting to develop! In a few years, we suppose, it will give players even more opportunities to make their playing experience more exciting. Time will show.

Live Dealer Casino

Those players who prefer old-school land-based casinos claim the their online counterparts will never let players experience the thrilling excitement of a live game. Indeed, this has been true until recently, but this is no longer the case now. Latest software advances allow players to join the so called live dealer game, or the one taking place in a real time mode. As a result, the impression players receive is realistic enough to compare it to the feelings you would have if you went to a real casino.

There are lots of games to play in a real mode, beginning with classic 7-seat blackjack tables to live Sicbo, which is an Asian variation of roulette with dice in case you don’t know. Live games are now on their way up, so new variations appear on a regular basis. Live poker deserves special attention, of course. Firstly, the bets you are placing are real, not simulated. Secondly, you can play against the house if you wish, but not just against other players. It’s up to you!

Just in case you were curious, live dealer casinos are not that easy to maintain. To do it properly, casino operator needs a team of professionals to take care of all the sophisticated processes related to online video management, beginning with compatibility with the player’s browser version and device and up to localization in every particular country. In other words, they are to optimize user experience in the best possible way, as well as avoid the accompanying risks (like bonus abuse, wheel bias tracking systems, and so on). In fact, this is only a small part of the story, and still it makes live dealer games a must-try thing!

What casino trends to expect in 2019 and 2020?

It is too early to make any predictions, but we still believe that today’s main tendencies are here to stay. After all, casino trends mainly depend on advances in related technologies, which is one of the main factor that defines user behavior. Mobile casino is a good example to illustrate what we mean. Playing on the go is astonishingly popular now thanks to enhancements in Internet availability and growing use of mobile devices in general.

Latest casino trends

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

 Known as VR and AR, virtual and augmented reality are not one and the same, but their mission is to make the process of playing fully immersive. Some gaming providers are already trying to add AR features to their interface. As an example, this is when you come across a slot machine in a room you are now in. VR technologies, in turn, give players a chance to find themselves in a completely different place all of a sudden. Microgaming is one of the pioneers of the field. They are offering games allowing to move around the playing table, hold cards, and even move chips. And still, this is just the earliest steps and all we can do now is to hold our breath and wait a bit.

  • Skill Element

Not all the casino games are games of chance, particularly when it comes to slots. Since recently, some slots feature the elements of skill, which means you have a chance to win more if you master a particularly strategy. This is especially popular among younger players and is actually done to attract their attention. You have probably noticed that some slot games feature elements of video games or TV series, right? This is a good illustration of this trend. Even though this is a minor tendency, it is still an interesting one. After all, you may learn to win now! 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This kind of technologies are already in use, although this is also their very beginning. Players can feel it in at least two ways. On the one hand, AI and ML personalize contents of a gaming website to match preferences of a particular user. In other words, they make the website more convenient to use, while their ultimate purpose is to make you feel the website was built for you. On the other hand, such technologies might be helpful in identifying the problem gambling behavior and therefore preventing addiction.

  • Less Resources

To join the game, you no longer need a super-computer and high-speed Internet. Playing on today’s websites requires minimum resources, both from your device and Internet connection. After all, this is a bit frustrating when your game gets interrupted at its most exciting moment just because your phone lost Internet connection for a few seconds. Luckily, this is now the thing of the past.

  • Cryptocurrency

Some casino providers already offer cryptocurrencies, at least since recently. This year, we expect this tendency to grow. Don’t think that the volatility of Bitcoin price could stop this process. Apart from this currency, there are many others with their price charts being more stable. The matter is that there are several benefits of making deposits in Bitcoin or Ethereum. To put it shortly, paying with cryptocurrencies allows to avoid any third-party interactions and remain anonymous. In other words, this gives the user a chance to avoid taxes. Finally, transaction fees are quite low. Now you see that this trend has all chances to grow in popularity?

What is it like to play with a new casino operator?

Features and benefits of the newest casinos based in the UK allow to say that they simply outshine even the reputable and well-established ones. Yes, that’s exactly the word. The matter is that they possess several advantages that cannot be denied, you will find a detailed description below. As we mentioned, the level of competition among gambling provides is as high as never before, which means they are forced into a true struggle for players’ attention. Naturally, this made player experience even more exciting, and here is why:

Benefits of dealing with newly-emerged operators:

  • Fresh games

Fresh and unique content is a strong side and a must for the brand-new casinos. After all, that’s what makes them different from the leaders of the industry who generally rely on time-checked hit games. In fact, new games are come up quite often. Some of the releases planned for 2019 have already been announced, and the list looks indeed impressive. You will easily find them if you do a small research. As a bonus, you will get stunning graphics, a bunch on new cool features, and generous perks.

  • Awesome bonus package

This is a strong tool all young gambling providers use to attract new people. There are lots of bonus types, beginning with Welcome Bonus and up to loyalty bonuses for VIP-club players. What is more, brand-new casinos sometimes come up with exclusive and unique bonuses you wouldn’t come across in those established long ago. Quite often, new casino providers offer bonuses after 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th deposit! And still, don’t forget to check wagering requirements. Although this is not often the case, some operators set them too high and the very idea of receiving a bonus gets lost.

  • Retention Promos

 The purpose of any casino is to encourage their audience to stay and keep playing with them. In view of this, many of them are offering so called loyalty programs. The main idea is that players get rewards for following a particular playing pattern. Among these rewards there might be free spins on slots, cash-out bonuses (you can withdraw their value), reload bonuses, or sometimes even invitations to special events. Overall, loyalty programs are a good thing: you keep playing anyway, so why not to do it into your benefit? The main thing is just to find a casino you can trust.

  • Highly efficient customer service

Customer support teams the newcomers offer are always highly motivated. In most cases, players are offered multiple channels to get in touch with the support operators, while the assistance itself is available in at least several languages. As a rule, most players’ issues are resolved within 24 hours, which is much faster comparing to 2-3 days as in the past. By the way, being offered your personal assistant is a part of many loyalty programs. What we mean is that a player may call their assistant any time and ask for personalized help. In fact, it is easy to explain why the newest casinos offer highly effective customer support. After all, their support teams deal with fewer players’ issues than leaders of the market, which is why they can devote more of their time to help with a player’s trouble.

Disadvantages of playing at recent casinos in UK:

  • Not enough information

 It would be wrong to say that all the newest casinos are good. In fact, some of them are better than others, while some are worse. Quite frequently, this is at the player’s own risk to find out which one is worthy to deal with. The matter is that there are very few reviews of recently launched casinos as information portals need a bit more time to prepare them. Similarly, it will take players quite a while to come up with any feedback. Occasional ratings you would come across are too approximate as well. In other words, there are two options: either to keep waiting or to take your own risk.

  • Website bugs

On the one hand, recent casino operators have a trove of experience of their predecessors and they indeed can avoid some strategical mistakes. On the other hands, this doesn’t save them and players from errors and bugs their website might contain. Still, this should not scare players too much. If you come across any kind of an error, simply report it to the website administration. In some cases, you will even get a reward for that, while the error will be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions about new UK-based casinos

  • Is it safe to play at such casinos?

We would love to answer “Yes”, but we cannot. In fact, the situation is one and the same with any casino: always be on the lookout. Carefully check if the casino has a license and what kind of security measures it applies. Take your time reading Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as it will help you avoid any kind of unpleasant surprises. Be especially attentive when dealing with bonuses and wagering requirements, even if you already started playing at a particular casino. And finally, always check the operator’s withdrawal policy, particularly when it comes to methods and time frames for payouts.

  • What if I think it is better to play at a time-checked site?

This is up to you, of course. Both choices have their own pros and cons. If you choose a reputable casino, you know what to expect. In fact, this means to choose stability. If you take a risk to try something new, this means to choose an adventure. New casinos are famous for their generous bonuses and frequent payouts, to name a few of their advantages. Yes, you may lose indeed. And still, there is no guarantee you will win if you decide playing at an old and well-known website.

  • Do new casino operators appear indeed frequently?

Yes, they do. It would be hard to come up with any precise statistics, but we are sure that hundreds of new websites are launched every year. In all fairness, we admit some of them vanish very fast, too. Once again, always be attentive when making a choice. Unfortunately, some of the newly-emerged casinos are scammers. And still, you will learn how to identify them if you carefully check all the quality criteria we described above.

  • How fast will I get my winnings?

In most cases, there is no difference between newer and older casinos. The matter is that casino providers do not have an opportunity to speed up this process. Time you will be kept waiting for the payout depends on the payment method you chose. Some of them work very fast, which means you can receive your winnings within 1-2 days, while others might take a week or more (bank transfers, as an example). In other words, be attentive when reading the withdrawal policy.