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Nektan Casino UK: How to Play Them and What to Take into Account

Haven’t you heard of Nektan? Indeed, this company isn’t as huge as giants like Microgaming or NetEnt but it for sure deserves attention and here is why. This is a large and reputable gaming software provider with its headquarters in Gibraltar. The company is famous for their awesome slots and the so called “freemium” games. We will explain what it is a bit later. Overall, their collection of games isn’t that large, at least to compare with those offered by the leaders of the industry. And still, they are loved for high quality and nice perks, so why not to give it a try? Here in our review we will discuss the following:

  • Short background about the company;

  • Game gallery and what is “freemium”;

  • Nektan bonus policies;

  • Legal status and safety information;

  • Advantages of dealing with Nektan;

  • Frequently asked questions.

Indeed, by far not all casino fans ever heard about Nektan. We believe that this situation will change in future as the content they provide indeed deserves attention. Taking that they primarily focus on mobile play mode, the name of the company is likely to become much better known soon. After all, most of us always have our mobile phones with us, which has long ago turned playing on the go into the mainstream. Even though there are not that many games Nektan offers, they still deserve attention as the focus was made on quality. Give it a try and make sure of it.



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Some background information

The company was founded in Gibraltar in 2011. That’s where their headquarters are located but they also have offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. For now, the company has about 100 employees. They happened to become one of the first companies providing gaming software compatible with mobile devices. Far back in 2013, they acquired Mfuse Limited and incorporated their mobile gaming platform, and perhaps that is what their success started from. As mentioned above, they are most of all famous for their games designed for mobile play. Soon afterwards, they launched Chomp Casino, their very first brand new casino allowing to play for real money. This was an immediate success, with many more achievements to be waiting ahead.

Best of all Nektan is known as the provider of mobile gaming software. In its very essence, Nektan is a B2B platform that provides casino operators with an access to the content from other casino software suppliers. Apart from this, they help independent software studios to certify and distribute their content. And finally, they take game titles that became hits in the world of land-based casino and bring them online.

Game collection

For today, they have more than 500 games in their portfolio. These include slots, table games, scratch games, keno, and others. Apart from this, Nektan regularly announces new releases, sometimes up to 20 of them per month. If you are curious, you can look through the newest announcements of their official website. Most of Nektan games are developed on the basis of HTML5, which is why they are available to both PC and mobile device users. And still, their primary focus are mobile and touch devices, which is obviously a great news for their owners. After all, this is a common trouble for mobile device users that the collection of games offered to them is limited comparing to the range available to desktop users. With Nektan, the situation is absolutely different.

Most of Nektan games are available on basically any mobile device platform as they are developed on the basis of the latest technologies such as HTML5, CCS3, and Java Script. Thanks to it, all their games are displayed properly regardless of the screen size. Of course, all their games are available on both Android and iOS. A good news for those who like Apple products is that the latest Nektan games are designed with account of the recent updates in Safari.

Talking about the hit slots Nektan offers, there are not that many of them. We suppose there are about 30 of such slots or even less. Once again, quantity is not the priority for the company. They do focus on quality and that’s what they are reputable for and exactly what allows them to successfully compete with the giants of the market.

One more reason why Nektan games are so loved is that they feature really generous prizes. To be more precise, the RTP, or return to player value of some of their slots is as high as 98%. with that, their level of volatility isn’t that high. Just in case you are not familiar with these terms, we will provide you with a short reference. Return to player defines the percentage of the entire bet pool that is likely to return to players in a form of winnings. The higher this value is, the more chances to win you have although there is still no guarantee that you will win immediately. As for the concept of volatility, it defines the level of risks. Games with low volatility feature frequent but small prizes and make for a perfect choice for careful players who prefer making small bets. On the contrary, prizes in high-volatility games are much larger but still rare. You might have guessed that this is the favorite option of those who prefer high-rollers. In any case, it is up to you to decide which option to choose. You can try both of them, why not. The key thing is that the collection of Nektan games will give you this opportunity.

Nektan bonuses

The variety of bonuses that go with Nektan is one more thing why this gaming provider is so great. We cannot say that they are offering something unique but they still provide all the bonus kinds players like. In fact, quite a lot of things depend on policies of the casino operator of your choice. The functionality Nektan provides their customers with allows them to create and customize their bonus campaigns. With that, casino operators receive an opportunity to create bonuses for a specific group of players, based on such characteristics as the type of devices they are using, amounts they are depositing, games they are playing, and so on. Awesome bonuses are one of the key reasons why Nektan is so favored among casino fans. After all, receiving a free perk is always a pleasure, isn’t it?

In such a way, Nektan offers quite a traditional range of bonuses most of us players anyway like. The most common types are Welcome Bonus and Deposit Bonus. They may vary depending on a casino operator, just as usual. Some of the most generous offers feature up to £500 for making your first deposit and even free spins in addition to that. Some casino operators offer bonuses that only cover Nektan games, while others can be applied no matter what game you are playing. Just as always, read the rules attentively.

Let’s draw one more example of a popular Nektan bonus for you to get a better understanding. One of the casino operators is offering a bonus after players make their first deposit. The bonus includes 50 free spins as well as 25% of the amount deposited and can be applied to Nektan games. Sounds good, isn’t it? Another bonus rewards players with either 50 free spins or 20% cashback (up to £200). You can choose between these two options, in fact. Besides, bonuses of this kind are often divided into separate levels. As an example, you can receive 20 free spins for depositing about £10 or 50 free spins if your deposit exceeds £20. In any case, not a single player would remain disappointed.

When dealing with bonuses, never forget to carefully look through the wagering requirements they come with. The matter is that you won’t be able to request the withdrawal until you fulfill all the requirements your bonus goes with. As an example, the maximum conversion of the bonus might be set at 1.5 or 2 times its amount. This isn’t quite a good news, of course. Another example is that free spins might go with the requirement of 10, 15, or even 20 times of the amount you win from using them. In other words, always calculate wagering requirements before you accept any bonus at all. Bonus schemes designed by Nektan are fair and safe to deal with, but the casino operators might change them. In some cases, it is better to refuse from the bonus at all. In such a case, this is a guarantee that you won’t need to worry about this issue at all.

Apart from the mentioned bonus types, Nektan also offers a range of loyalty bonuses. Casino operators that deal with their platform can easily create a bonus campaign for VIP or loyalty players so staying with one casino operator is often a good idea. Practice shows that these are the best bonuses ever: the wagering requirements they go with are low, at least if to compare them to the basic bonuses, while the bonus itself is often quite generous. Something you might even come across free bonuses: that’s the thing some casino operators do to attract new players and encourage their old customers to stay with them. This isn’t a frequent thing for obvious reasons but you might still be lucky enough to come across the one.

And finally, as long as Nektan is focused on mobile play mode, some of the bonuses they offer aren’t even available to the users of personal computers. This is true about all kinds of bonuses they offer, including the welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses and promotions, and so on. We suppose it is fair taking that the range of online games available to in desktop mode has always been rich than the collection for mobile device users. In other words, this is a kind of a compensation.

Legal status

We always recommend our readers to only deal with those casino operators that have previously been licensed by at least any of internationally acknowledged online gambling regulators. This is the thing number one you are to pay attention to when searching for a casino provider to deal with. Game gallery and the range of promotions they are offering aren’t supposed to be your main concern. The same principle goes with the providers of casino software. When choosing a game to play, make sure it was created by a licensed and time-checked software provider. In this case, you can feel safe as the game is most of all likely to be fair. In case with Nektan, we have got a good news.

There are at least three things that prove Nektan fairness. First of all, they have been ISO certified since as far back as 2015. You have probably heard about such type of certificates but still don’t know what it means, right? ISO can be defined as a set of standards created to ensure reliability and quality of a business. Once a company is ISO certified, it is a strong argument in favor of their reliability. One of the purposes of such kind of an audit is to make sure that the company’s customers are protected. When it comes to such a high-risk industry as online gambling, this is for obvious reasons important. Just in case you were curious, the number of their ISO certificate is ISO 2700271.

Apart from this, Nektan is regulated by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, a world-wide known regulatory authority with their purposes being to protect users and the privacy of their personal information, ensure fairness and adequate competition in markets they regulate. In case with players from the United Kingdom, it is great if the casino operator or gaming software provider of their choice are regulated by this particular organization. Once players encounter any troubles the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is in place to provide them with professional assistance.

Finally, Nektan is regulated by the Gambling Commission for Great Britain. This is an indeed strong argument in their favor. Just in case you are curious, the company received the permission for operation in the market of the United Kingdom in 2014. We are sure you have already heard about this regulatory authority, haven’t you? Founded in 2005, this organization took the mission of regulating commercial gambling in the United Kingdom. They are doing their best to eliminate fraud and crime, as well as protect those who might be vulnerable. One of their key purposes is to ensure responsible gaming and prevent underage playing. They do care of players suffering from problematic gaming behavior, as well as those who found themselves in a conflict with any of the casino operators they regulate. In other words, casino operators and gaming software providers that do have a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission indeed deserve trust. Nektan is one of them.

Advantages of Nektan

There are quite a lot of things that can be said in favor of Nektan and their games. We will try to mention the key ones:

1) Freemium games

As mentioned above, Nektan offers the so called freemium games. What it means is that players can play the basic games for free and additionally pay for some curious features and perks. In other words, these are free slots and other types of games that can be accessed at the websites of almost all casino operators that partner with the Nektan. A curious thing is that games of this kind does not require gaming license. The reason why casino operators actually offer them is that this is a way to attract new players. On the one hand, the might catch the eye of those who play online games and is just looking for something new. On the other hand, there is a chance that they will attract attention of those who never play for real money but are still ready to pay for some perks like entry to the new level, additional features, some kind of upgrades, and so on.

2) Awesome graphics

As you already know, Nektan is a large but still a comparatively new company. Unlike such giants as Microgaming or NetEnt, this company doesn’t have any game titles that would be famous since the early 2000-s, for instance. If you are looking for the retro and old-school look, this is not the right place. On the other hand, this is exactly why all their games look so fresh and in some cases even futuristic. In fact, experienced players would agree that it is possible to trace some of their style features that help them stand out from the rest. Fluid animation contributes to the general user experience and makes the process of playing even more involving.

3) Mobile play focus

As we already explained, Nektan focuses on mobile play mode, which is definitely a great news for the users of mobile devices. It doesn’t matter what kind of a mobile device you are using, be it smartphone or tablet. Nektan takes care to ensure that all their games look good regardless of the size of a screen. In case with tablets, there might be some additional features when it comes to graphics and animation. However, the game acquires the minimalist look once accessed via a smartphone with smaller screen. Talking about readability, everything is fine as well, which is a vary important thing for those used to playing from their computer with games available in high dimension.

4) Safety

We have already mentioned that Nektan is licensed by two of the largest and most reputable authorities in the sphere of online gambling regulation. Once again, we emphasize that it is a very important aspect that deserves no less attention than the collection of games or bonus promotions. Nektan games deserve trust and the mere fact that the casino operator provides them speaks in favor of this operator’s reliability. In case with less known providers of gaming software, the situation might be slightly different. We don’t want to say that they should not be trusted but you should still be careful. Dealing with time-checked operators is often a wiser option.

5) Game gallery

Nektan has quite a lot of games in their portfolio but this number isn’t still that sufficient if to compare it to the range available in the game galleries of such gambling software giants as Microgaming, for instance. Still, they found a way how to cope with that. When dealing with their customers, they provide functionality allowing to incorporate games developed by different casino software providers but not just their own products. As a result, players get an access to a huge collection of hit games from different developers. Not surprisingly, this attracts much of attention. To be more precise, they deal with Microgaming, a giant based in the Isle of Man; NetEnt, another huge company from Sweden; IGT, London-based company based as far back as 1990; Evolution Gaming, another large European company; and many others. You have probably heard of some of them, haven’t you? With Nektan, you will be able to enjoy their brightest hits at a one-stop shop.

Payment methods of Nektan casino

Once you find a reliable casino operator and decide to start playing, make sure they do offer at least two payment methods you are comfortable with. One of these methods as the primary one, but you still need an alternative option just in case. Taken that Nektan is based in Gibraltar, they pay special attention to the needs of British players which is a great news, of course. Depending on the casino operator’s policies, you can have one payment method for making deposits, but withdraw your winnings via another channel. This is the matter of your convenience, nothing else. Here is a short overview of what options you can find.

Most casino operators offer traditional payment solutions like bank transfers. If you have a bank account, most probably you won’t have any troubles. At the same time, sharing your personal information might be not quite good idea, taking that some casino operators would even ask you to send photos of both sides of your card. This is a part of responsible gaming policies, but you should still take care about such sensitive information. With that in mind, choosing PayPal or any of popular e-wallets would be wiser. Luckily, most Nektan-powered casino operators accept them. And finally, you could consider using any of mobile billing services, particularly as your deposit method. We have already published comprehensive guides on how to use them so we won’t stop on it now. The key thing, we remind, is that this particular option is probably the cheapest deposit method you will find. Besides, all you need to provide to the third parties to use it is your phone number. You are not even supposed to have a bank account to use it. Sounds quite convenient, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to make a deposit to Nektan casino?

Once you find a Nekton-powered gaming platform you want to try your luck with, you will need to find the list of available payment options and choose the one to suit you. In order to make a deposit, you will need to sign up. This is usually enough and you can initiate the payment right away. You simply choose the payment method you prefer, submit the required details, and that’s it. As a rule, all the deposits are instant so you won’t need to wait for too long. Depending on the payment option of your choice, you might need to pay some fee for the processing of your payment. As a rule, these are a kind of fees from the side of your payment provider but not casino operator. There is nothing to be done with that and you cannot avoid paying them but you can still try to find a payment option that does not have any commission.

  • How to request withdrawal from Nektan casino?

Once you are ready to collect your winnings, you will have to submit the corresponding request. In order to do this, contact the customer support of your casino and choose the payment method you prefer. This might be the same method you are using for making your deposits but in some cases you might come across an option with lower fees. There is one important thing to know: some payment providers charge you for making payments, while others charge the recipients. Just try to figure out which method would be most suitable in a particular situation and it will save you a fortune in the long run.

  • Can Nektan casino delay paying out my winnings?

There are some factors for such delays, indeed. However, this is in no way the fault of Nektan themselves. In most cases, these are the delays on behalf of your casino operator and here are several reasons why they can occur. First of all, try to remember if you were accepting any bonuses recently. The matter is that they all go with some wagering requirements and you are to fulfill them until you are allowed to collect your winnings. This might sound unfair but that’s the only way for the casino operators to make sure that players won’t just disappear after collecting their bonus. In some cases, anyway, it would be better to refuse from the bonus at all as the accompanying wagering requirements might turn out too high.

If you are sure that this is anyway not the case, there might be a delay because of the procedure of identity verification. The matter is that casino operators including those partnering with Nektan are to verify the identity of their players before they pay out their winnings. This is a part of responsible gaming policies and there is nothing you can do with that apart from just waiting. As a rule, you will have to wait for about 3-5 business days so it’s not a big trouble. After all, the mere fact that the casino operator does not require identity verification is rather suspicious and you had better check once again if it is worthy to deal with them.

And finally, delays might be caused by some troubles with the payment provider the services of which you are using. In this case, you had better contact their customer support and try to find out what happened. There might be too many causes for that so we won’t even try to briefly discuss them now.