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Playing iPhone Casino in UK

Using an iPhone or any other Apple product is convenient and cool and there is a huge list of reasons why. We are not going to discuss any of them, of course. If you own an iPhone, you probably know why it is so. When it comes to online gambling, there are several things to take into account. It cannot be denied that using iOS when playing online is associated with several limitations. Here in our guide we will explain what they are in particular and how to cope with them. To be more precise, we are going to discuss the following:

  • Quick background of iOS;

  • Is it possible to play for real from iOS-powered devices?

  • How to find a casino operator;

  • Why license is important;

  • Bonuses and live games;

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

If you take our tips into account, you won’t face any troubles, we promise. In any case, awesome graphics, fresh design, unusual plot, and many other things iOS-oriented games are associated with are a great compensation. Find the one you like most of all and see for yourself!

A quick reference about iOS

One of the best and most widely-used operating systems in the world, iOS was developed by Apple to be run exclusively on Apple hardware. It is most commonly used for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Talking merely about iPhone, now there are about 900 million active devices worldwide. You have probably guessed that the only mobile operating system that is currently more popular than iOS is Android. Meanwhile, the ranks of iOS users keep growing.

Obviously, casino software providers take these trends into account and do their best to attract new customers and stand out from the crowd of competitors. Casino operators regularly announce the upcoming releases of casino games of any kinds and this great taking that the choice of games compatible with iOS wasn’t that rich a few years ago. Luckily, this is no more the case and players have all chances to find something to suit their needs and wants.

The process of launching a high-quality and full-fledged app for iOS is rather difficult. We will explain why it is so below, if you are curious. Luckily, most such apps can be run on any iOS-powered device, be it an iPhone or an iPad. Still, there are a few casino operators offering two separate apps for these devices. In any case, make it your rule to always check whether the application you are going to install is compatible with the device you are using. If you are an experienced user of Apple products, we believe that you know how to do this.

TOP iPhone Casinos

# Casino Bonus Games Review Deposit Device Play
1 + device Visit site
2 Yako Casino £222 + 22 BS 800+ Yako Casino device Visit site
3 Fun Casino £499 + 11 FS 400+ Fun Casino device Visit site
4 Sloty £300 + 300 BS 1600+ Sloty device Visit site
5 Vegas Hero £200 + 50 BS 1300+ Vegas Hero device Visit site
6 Wishmaker £50 1500+ Wishmaker device Visit site
7 Kozmo Casino 25 Free Spins 370+ Kozmo Casino device Visit site
8 Spela 100 Free Spins + $1000 1500+ Spela device Visit site
9 Casino Joy £200 + 200 BS 1300+ Casino Joy device Visit site
10 Monster Casino £5 456+ Monster Casino device Visit site
11 TheOnlineCasino £ 5 600+ TheOnlineCasino device Visit site
12 Gate 777 £100 850+ Gate 777 device Visit site
13 Jonny Jackpot 100% / £1000 1400+ Jonny Jackpot device Visit site
14 Casiplay £/€800 + 100 free spins 470+ Casiplay device Visit site
15 Playzee £300 1294+ Playzee device Visit site

Is it possible to play for real money via iOS app?

You could have heard that Apple does not allow its applications to be involved in online gambling and bans those related to this sphere. The reason why it is so lies in the need to comply with gambling regulation laws that are currently in force in the United States. As you know, online gambling is basically prohibited. Luckily, this is not the case in the United Kingdom so we won’t dig into the issue. Coming back to iOS apps, you can still use them though there are several things to take into account. The key one is that you won’t be able to conduct transactions via iOS applications. Is that such a trouble? No, because you can place deposits and withdraw winnings using your computer.

When it comes to online gambling, the policies of Apple are indeed strict. The United States isn’t the only country with a range of limitations imposed. Whatever country you live in, you won’t be able to fully use iOS apps if online gambling or some of its forms are prohibited by local laws. Online poker is a good example. It is prohibited in India, China, Australia, as well as many European countries like France, Spain, etc. Therefore, local iPhone owners do not have an opportunity to use iOS apps for playing poker, or at least all of their features.

In such a way, on iTunes App Store you will easily come across a variety of applications allowing to play both for free and for real money. The only disadvantage is that you will need to conduct the transactions using the casino operator’s website. You probably want to ask whether it’s safe to use such casino applications, don’t you? In fact, the answer depends on reliability of the casino provider you are going to deal with. After all, an application is only the means of playing, while your entire player experience depends on inner policies of the casino operator. In other words, the search for an app should begin with a careful check of how fair the casino provider is. That’s where the answer whether it’s safe to play via an iOS app is hidden.

Are there alternatives to iOS apps?

Searching for an app that is safe to use, compatible with iOS operating system and at the same time allows playing for real money is a tricky process. Apart from the mentioned things, it is supposed to support games you like, after all! A good news is that there is an alternative, luckily. After all, by far not all casino providers actually have an app designed specially for iOS. This is rather a costly process and not all the operators can afford it. You will come lots of them offering an application only for Android or none at all. Having an iOS app on offer is rather a perk than a rule, which cannot be said about Android. On the one hand, this is obviously not quite good as the range of gaming options becomes slightly limited. On the other hand, iOS users hardly ever come across lagging low-quality apps or those designed is a way so that players were unable to win. The matter is that the process of launching an iOS app is rather expensive and time-consuming, which is why only the leaders of the industry can join the race. In such a way, using an iOS application is supposed to be safe just in view of the mentioned factors.

The alternative to an applications, both for casino providers and players, are mobile-friendly websites. To create a website to be accessed via Safari is for many reasons easier than launching an application for iOS. In turn, players don’t need to look for an app and download it. Of course, there is certain specifics of playing via the browser, but it is easy to cope with. The key thing we recommend is to keep both your browser and the entire system updated. This will let you avoid any lags and enjoy smooth playing process.

So where can I find a casino operator to play from iOS?

Here we want to sum up what we have explained above. So, here are three ways you can go:


  • If you don’t have an operator you deal with or any preferences at all, you can go to Apple App Store and start from there. No matter what category of games you want to try your luck in, the choice is quite wide and we are sure we will find something to your taste. Whatever application you will choose, you will be able to play for free which is actually a good idea if you never tried playing a particular game. If you are ready to play for real money, remember about the limitations we have described. It might happen that you won’t find anything at all and will need to look for a suitable option somewhere else.

  • The second option is for those who already have a casino operator they prefer playing with. Simply address their support service and ask if they have an application for iPhone users. Keep in mind, however, that the choice of games offered on the website might differ from the one available via the app. There might be some additional games, of course, but in most cases you will find that the app game collection is not as rich as the one available to the website users. The support service might send you the link either to the App Store or to some third-party website. In the first case, there is nothing to worry about so you can just install it and enjoy. In the second case, you had better check what kind of a website they sent the link to. If you notice anything suspicious, it’s better to refuse from this idea. In most cases, everything will be fine, although the app itself might have some bugs. Any application goes through careful checks before it is added to the App Store catalogs, but this is not necessarily the case with other app stores.

  • Finally, you can stop on playing via a mobile-friendly website. In this case, you won’t need to think about the application at all. After all, a casino operator you want to play with might even not have an application at all. Playing via a mobile website is rather convenient as the range of available games and features will in most cases remain the same as on the main website. Of course, the information on your wins and losses will be updated automatically so that you could freely switch between playing from an iPhone and your computer. Also, you won’t need to worry about deposits and withdrawal as both of them will be available via your phone. In case with an app, we remind, you would need to switch to your computer.

  • Here in our guide you will find a list of casino operators and games created specially for iOS users. Before adding them, we have carefully checked if they are reliable and secure, as well as compatible with iPhone. Comprehensive reviews are here as well and we are sure you will find something attractive if you look through a couple of them.

 What else should I pay attention to?

Legal status, of course. When it comes to the search for a casino operator, the thing number one we recommend to all our players is to only deal with those licensed by authorized regulatory bodies. You will probably notice that many of casino operators are registered in Malta and Curacao. This is not a coincidence. The matter is that these territories legally allow online gambling, as well as properly regulate it. If you come across a casino operator licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority, or a similar regulatory body, it’s safe to deal with. For British players, we recommend dealing with casino operators who managed to obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission or the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, two best-known and respected bodies responsible for regulating gambling activities.

You probably want to ask what you should do if a casino operator does not have a license or does not provide clear information about it. Forget about it! Dealing with an unlicensed operator might end up with a disaster for your wallet. Besides, there will be no one to protect you if you come into conflict with the operator. In case the operator does not clearly state whether they are licensed or not, don’t trust them. Having a license is a thing all casino operators strive to demonstrate, which means there must be something wrong with those who don’t do this.

In such a way, that’s the license but not the game collection that you are to check first and foremost. Don’t neglect this even if you are downloading an application from the App Store. Indeed, we have mentioned that launching an iOS app and having it added to the App Store is a difficult and long process, but this isn’t still a 100% guarantee you won’t come across a dishonest provider.

Bonuses for iOS users

As a rule, iPhone owners are offered the same bonuses available to those who play from their personal computers. If you sign up and make your deposit, you will get the traditional Welcome Bonus. In order to attract new people, some casino operators feature No Deposit Bonus which means you won’t even need to make a deposit to receive it. As usually, bonuses come in a form of money you can spend while playing, as well as free spins and additional rounds. A great news is that  some operators offer exclusive bonuses to those playing from iPhone: they wouldn’t even be available to other players. In some cases, bonuses granted to iOS players are higher than those offered to players that are using other platforms.

What you will receive depends on the bonus policy of each particular operator. In any case, we recommend to check wagering requirements applied to every particular bonus you are going to accept. If you properly calculate them, it might turn out that it’s better to refuse this offer. Luckily, this isn’t always the case as reliable casino operators wouldn’t put their reputation at risk just to make benefit of a short-term bonus program. On the other hand, don’t expect the bonus to be absolutely free, even if it seems to be. Read the fine print, they say.

 Can I play live games from my iPhone?

 Oh, yes! To tell the truth, you cannot but try playing live games if you own an iPhone! Just in case you don’t know what live games are, they take place in real time and that’s a live person who deals the cards or throws the dice and you can even communicate with them! In other words, that’s not the random number generator that determines the outcome of the round, but the live dealer. The point is that live games usually require more powerful devices and better Internet connection as they are being streamed from live studious. If something interrupts the game, you might lose your bet even if it is a winning one. With iPhone, this will never become your trouble. After all, this is one of the best mobile devices created ever, both in terms of hardware and software. If you manage to find a place with strong Internet signal and make sure that nothing will distract you from playing, this will let you avoid any kind of lagging and you will be able to enjoy the game to the full!