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How to Play Online Casino if You Own an iPad

In many ways, an iPad is a perfect choice for those who love online gambling. On the one hand, it is a portable device that gives you all the benefits of playing via a regular smartphone. You can play on the go and easily put it away if something interrupts the process. Light weight allows having an iPad in your bag, which cannot be said about a laptop, even a small one. On the other hand, sizes of an iPad screen is close to those of a laptop, which removes any kinds of limitations when it comes to graphics and animation. As a result, playing from a tablet basically vanishes the difference between playing from a smartphone and your computer. Isn’t that great, especially if to remember we are talking about iPad, a technological masterpiece?

If you want to try playing from an iPad, there are several things to take into account. All of them are highlighted in the guide below. In particular, here you will find the following:

  • Where to look for games to play from your iPad;

  • Why trying slots is a must and what are the AR slots;

  • For what reasons the range of iOS-friendly games is limited;

  • Apple policies on online gambling;

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Even though there are several limitations associated with the use of iPad and iOS-powered devices in general, we will show you the way how to cope with them. After all, the experience of playing you will receive definitely compensates all the inconveniences! Look through our guide and don’t hesitate to start playing!

TOP iPad Casinos

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Where to find online casino games compatible with iPad?

Looking for a game that would be compatible with iPad and at the same time suit all your needs and wants might be a tricky process. What we can recommend is not to give up and keep searching. You will probably notice that the range of games compatible with iOS is less rich than the collections of games designed for PCs or even Android. Still, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find what you are looking for. Also, we recommend you to follow the news about the last releases. Oh yes, there are indeed many of them! All the latest news are here at BonCasino so you won’t even need to look for them. Coming back to the point, there are at least three ways of how to find a game to play from iPad. Here they are:

  • Probably the best place to look for games is the official Apple App Store. It’s great in many ways. On the one hand, a variety of filters and detailed descriptions of all the apps on offer make the process simpler and faster. On the other hand, each app that is being added to the App Store goes through careful checks both in terms of quality and fairness, so you won’t need to worry about whether it is safe to deal with. Unfortunately, the choice of game apps available there isn’t that rich in view of several reasons. Here below we will discuss them in detail so that you know what stands behind such state of affairs. In any case, even if you don’t find anything to suit your taste in the App Store, here are two other ways to do this.

  • The second way is for those who have already found a casino operator they prefer playing with. You can simply ask them whether they have an application and how you can access it. If they do have an app, most probably they will send you a link so that you could download it. There is no need to worry if you trust this casino provider, but you had better be careful with what you download if you never dealt with them before. After all, the information you are going to submit to them is rather sensitive. In this case, however, you are to start with the choice of a reliable casino operator but not with the search for an app. We have already discussed the criteria you are to follow so we won’t stop on them now. In any case, it might happen that the casino operator does not have an app at all and in fact, this is quite a frequent case. Launching an application is a long, difficult, and expensive process, which makes the third option in our list the only available one both for casino operators and players.

  • Even if there is no app to meet all your requirements, you can play directly on the website, just via your browser. For any casino operator, this is much easier to create a mobile-friendly website rather than launch a full-fledged application for iOS and moreover for Android! The most convenient way to play via the browser is via your PC, but in case with an iPad you won’t even notice the difference. The owners of iPhone and other smartphones would agree that the size of the screen plays a very important role. In fact, this is one of the main limitations of mobile playing even though casino software providers do their best to adapt graphics and game elements to smaller screens. If you own an iPad, congratulations! You have avoided this trouble and can now enjoy playing your favorite casino via the browser to the full.

Try playing slots!

One of the strongest points of an iPad is the size of its screen and the quality of picture. However, you won’t appreciate this to the full extent if you only play table games like poker, baccarat, roulette, and so on. With such games, the size of the screen and game elements only matter if a player suffers from vision problems. Slots are an absolutely different thing. That’s where you will fall in love with the vivid graphics iPad is famous for! By the way, have you heard of AR slots? AR stands for augmented reality, just in case you are not familiar with this abbreviation. Indeed, AR slots are a rare thing, but they are for sure worthy to try! Imagine small fish swimming around you in a marine-themed slot or yourself holding cards at a poker table. With an iPad, this is all possible. It is considered to be the best device for AR slots and we cannot put this fact into doubt.

We are sure you are curious where to find AR slots, aren’t you? There are some of the on the Apple App Store, luckily. Most of them are free to install and what is more, most apps give an opportunity to try playing for free. So once again: you have a chance to enjoy the 3D playing experience with no need to spend money at all! Why not to try this right now?

Of course, we cannot deny that the choice of games available for playing on iPad or any other iOS-powered device is limited comparing to the range of options oriented on PCs or even Android. Finding a slot with unusual and engaging theme might take some of your time. That being said, you shouldn’t forget to make sure it is offered by a reliable casino provider that is safe to deal with. In fact, searching for slots and actually casino games of any other categories that are designed for iOS is a tricky process. Here below we will explain why.

Why the range of iOS-friendly games is limited

If you never tried playing from an iPad or any other iOS-powered device, the first thing you will notice is that the range of games with an opportunity to play for real money is rather limited. In particular, there are lots of options to choose from but it cannot even be compared to the catalog of games available to PC or Android users. Sounds unfair, there is nothing to be added. There are several reasons why it is so.

The first one is that iOS devices in general and iPad in particular have entered the scene not that long ago. In case you were curious, the first iPad was released in 2010. The operating system it runs on entered the market a bit earlier, in 2007. Now think about the fact that the history of online gambling starts in the 90s and it’s actually hard to say what exactly it began with. Perhaps, the status of the pioneers belongs to Microgaming, one of the world’s leading companies within their market sector. As far back as 1994, they came up with the first ever online casino and this was the beginning of a true revolution in gambling industry. Let’s get back to the point, however. As you see now, there is a huge gap between the moment when online games appeared as they are and the time when iOS finally turned into a market player strong enough to attract attention of gambling software providers. As you have guessed, the process of conversion a game into iOS-friendly format and especially with account of the fact that it will be run on an iPad is rather costly and time-consuming. As a result, some of the games you have been playing on your PC for years might turn out unavailable if you decide to access them via your new iPad.

The second reason why the range of games available for iPad users is not that rich is the inner policy of Apple. Being a player of the global market, Apple corporation cannot ignore norms and regulations that are in force in countries where they sell their products. Talking merely about iPad, the global sales statistics has reached the point of 9.67 million units just in the third fiscal quarter of 2018. As for the iPhone, the figures are even larger. What all of this results in is that Apple prohibits the applications allowing to play for real money to be displayed to players within the countries where online gambling is illegal. The United States is a good example. There, online gambling is legally prohibited and there are only several states that allow any of its forms. There are several tricks the locals could use to access iOS-based apps allowing to play for real money, but the official policy of Apple prohibit such apps to be displayed to players from the United States. As a result, they are legally allowed to play only free demo games. Lots of players would call this boring and we perfectly understand why.

Apple policies on gaming apps

Even though apps aren’t the only way to access iOS-oriented games, it is still the most convenient one. As you understood, the policies of Apple are really strict when it comes to online gambling. To be more precise, they are associated with several limitations, both for app developers and users. The key things for Apple is to show that they are in no way involved in any gambling activities and do not support any particular operator. As an example, players won’t be able to purchase credit or currency via the app. Depending on an app, you might not be able to make deposits and withdraw winnings. Luckily, this is not a trouble as you can always use your personal computer to do this. In fact, this is a trick thanks to which most real-money apps exist.

One more limitation is that real-money apps must not be available in those countries where online gambling is prohibited. We have already explained why it is so. They aren’t simply displayed in the App Store, while local players can only access free demo games. This is one of the reasons why the choice of games compatible with iPad and iOS in general might seem not that wide. This isn’t that bad, however. Having a wide range of free games is cool, especially if you want to try playing something new and are not ready to place a real bet. Once you decide to start playing for real, you can go to the casino operator’s website and find the game there. Believe us, casino providers know how to let users access what they offer.

As mentioned above, Apple requires app developers to demonstrate that they are by no means the sponsors of this particular product. This is actually a good news for players as all these apps are therefore supposed to be free to download. This is great, isn’t it? Another good thing is that all the apps must go through careful checks before they are included into the App Store catalogs. They are supposed to be licensed and allowed within the areas where they will be available. Besides, the app providers would need to prove that the game is fair as well as clearly specify its rules, prizes, and winnings odds. What it means is that the apps listed on the App Store are in most cases fair and safe to deal with. The fact that the app was included into the App Store won’t give you a guarantee that you will be winning on a regular basis, but this is still a strong argument in favor of its reliability. Anyway, don’t ignore the basic rules of choosing a casino operator. Never forget to check their legal status and safety measures they apply. Also, be very attentive with the Terms of Use in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I switch to my iPhone from time to time?

Sure, any of the apps available on the App Store are compatible with any iOS devices. You will simply need to log in and after this you can keep playing from the moment where you have finished. Even if you have an Android-powered smartphone or want to switch to your computer for a while, this is not a trouble. The information related to your playing sessions is stored on servers of the casino provider, but not on your device. Therefore, any updates related to your account and balance will be in place no matter what device you are using.

  • What was that story about the removal of “wrong” apps?

When it comes to online gambling, the policies Apple adheres to are very strict. We have already explained why it is so. The main reason is that they are to comply with laws and regulations of every particular country their devices are available in. As a results, they check their catalogs from time to time and restrict the access to apps related to online gambling where it is prohibited. In some cases, they even remove such apps. In 2018, for instance, Apple removed all the gambling-related apps in Norway upon the request of the Norwegian Gaming Authority. Something, however, something goes wrong and they remove apps that are in no single way related to gambling. As they explain, their true aim was to minimize fraud occurrences but as a matter of fact they actions affected some Polish magazine, an app for sharing gifs, and so on. You are probably curious whether the apps were allowed back to the app store after their creators proved they had nothing to do with online gambling. Yes, some of them were. Overall, such apps were down for on average 24 hours. What all of this shows is that the team of Apple can make a mistake too, but they know how to admit and correct it.

  • Does it matter how old my iPad is?

If you are playing via the browser, it doesn’t matter at all. The only thing you are to care about is to allow regular updates of your entire system in general and the browser in particular. Indeed, some of the games or features might be unavailable if your browser version is too old. As for the apps, most of them will be available no matter what iPad model you are using. There will be a few of those running only on the new models, but there are not that many of them. A really important thing is to make sure that the Internet signal is good enough so that nothing could interrupt the playing process. If the signal disappears all of a sudden, you might lose your bet, which is rather frustrating.