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Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses UK

Are you one of those players who are in love with playing slots? There is nothing to be surprised about. Vivid graphics and sound effects, involving themes, and astonishing impression of how real the gameplay is are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. To make all of this even more engaging, casino operators quite often offer no deposit bonuses and free spins. Isn’t that amazing? We have prepared a comprehensive guide explaining where to find such bonuses, how to make the most of them, and what pitfalls to avoid. Being more precise, here below you will find out:

  • What are no deposit free spins and how to receive them;

  • How to find a casino operator with the best no deposit free spins bonus on offer;

  • How to withdraw winnings from playing free spins;

  • A short overview of troubles you might face on your way;

  • Wagering requirements and why it is important to read the rules.

For many reasons, no deposit free spins are one of the greatest bonuses one may receive. In order to make the most of it, all you need is just to keep a couple of things in mind. As an example, you should always remember about wagering requirements and learn to notice the moment when it is better to say “No”. Indeed, it is better not to accept some of the bonuses you are being offered. Once you learn to calculate wagering requirements and weigh all the pros and cons, you will know how to catch this particular moment. Don’t worry, you will find all the answers in our guide. Enjoy the reading!


When is it possible to receive free spins?

Free spins are one of the most popular forms of no deposit bonuses. There are several situations when you can expect to get them. Quite often, this is the form of a welcome bonus, or the one players receive after they sign up with a new casino operator. You don’t need to spend your money first to receive this bonus. Once you receive no deposit free spins, you can go on playing and winning.

Apart from this, no deposit free spins are sometimes given to regular players if the casino operator has just added a new slot and wants to promote it. In this case, free spins can only be used to play this particular game or games. In fact, it is always important to check which particular games the free spins you receive are available for.

One more situation when you might come across free spins is when they come as a part of bonus package. What it means is that a player receives several bonuses, but not just one of them. Players receive them in various situations, starting from when it is a reward for a deposit to situations when casino operators provide incentives to their loyal customers just to encourage them to keep playing. In this case, we cannot say that free spins actually come as “no deposit” bonus but it is still great to receive them just as an addition.

In such a way, free spins go as either a separate bonus that players receive right after the registration or as some kind of a promotion, or as a part of bonus package. If they are one of several bonuses offered to players, the number of free spins is generally higher but still we cannot say that this is a “no deposit” perk. Even with that, they are still great to receive. The key thing is not to forget to look through the rules and terms with. We will explain it in more detail a bit later.

Wagering requirements

Basically any bonus offer might turn by far not as generous as it seemed to be at the very first sight. The matter is that some bonus offers, including the no deposit free spins, go with wagering requirements that are supposed to be met. You have probably heard of them, right? These are a set of conditions that players are to fulfill before they are able to request the withdrawal of their winnings. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with such state of affairs: if you want to win a game, just be brave to play by rules. On the other hand, the trouble is that the wagering requirements bonuses go with are often unrealistically high. In order to meet them, you would actually need to waste a fortune. Otherwise, you won’t just have a chance to receive your winnings, In order to avoid this you should carefully calculate wagering requirements and only after this decide whether it is actually worthy to accept a particular bonus. We will explain how to do this here below.

One of the situations when you will need to calculate wagering requirements after you receive no deposit free spins is when they come as a part of a bonus package in a combination with a particular amount of bonus money. Let’s say, you are being offered a bonus of £100 and 50 free spins. With that, let’s imagine that the wagering requirements are set for x10 the bonus amount. In other words, you need to multiply your £100 by 10 and what you receive now is £1,000. This is the amount you are actually supposed to spend so that the wagering requirements are met.

In such a way, one might come across a kind of an unpleasant surprise after accepting a bonus, including the no deposit free spins. The only way to avoid this is to be very attentive with the rules and terms that come with every particular bonus. To be more precise, it is always mentioned how many times you are supposed to play through a particular amount, what the minimum and maximum caps are, whether there are any additional conditions, and so on. Apart from this, it is very important to scrupulously look through the general Terms of Use of your casino operator. Pay special attention to their bonus policy and withdrawal policy. Find out whether there are any general limits for withdrawal, both minimum and maximum ones.

No wager free spins with no deposit required

As one of the tendencies of the recent years demonstrates, bonuses that go with wagering requirements are slowly become a thing of the past. There are several reasons why it is so but the key one is that the level of players’ awareness has finally grown. Today’s players know how to calculate wagering requirements and define the true value of the bonuses they are offered. As a result, players know for sure when to accept a bonus and in which situations it is better to refuse from it. As a result, quite often players indeed refuse from bonus offers and of course this is not quite good for casino operators. What is more, once players figure out that the wagering requirements that go with a particular bonus are basically unrealistic to fulfill, they tend to leave this particular casino operator at all and find some other place to try their luck in. After all, the fact that the casino operator is unfair in one of the aspects of the gameplay might mean that they are dishonest in its other aspects, too. Naturally, casino operators cannot just ignore this tendency and as a result, the number of no wagering bonus offers keeps growing. Of course, this is an awesome news for us, players.

If you are lucky enough to come across no deposit free spins bonus, don’t forget to check the rules that go with it anyway. In particular, check if there are any limitations the bonus comes with. As an example, there might be a limit of how much you can win and mainly withdraw using this bonus. This is known as the maximum withdrawal limit. As a rule, it is high enough so that you don’t need to worry about its existence at all, but this still might become a trouble if you hit a really big prize. However, much more players face the trouble of the minimum withdrawal limit. What it means is that you can only withdraw your balance once you reach a particular amount. As a rule, this isn’t that much but it is still quite frustrating when you need £5 or even less. You cannot just deposit the amount you lack as this is against the rules. With that, your only option is to keep playing and while you are doing this, there is always a risk to waste your winnings entirely. Once again, you should always check such things in advance.

In case with no deposit free spins, one of the most common limitations is that they can only be used to play a particular set of games or even only one of them. In most cases, these are the casino operator’s newest slots that they want to promote. Still, trying to play them is a good idea as the RTP might turn out unexpectedly high. Just in case you are not familiar with this abbreviation, it stands for Return to Player and denotes how much players are likely to receive in winnings out of the entire bet pool.

In fact, there are some solid reasons why wagering requirements exist. The key reasons is that this is probably the key way of how casino operators make for their living. To be more precise, the fact that there are the wagering requirements does not allow players just to disappear with their bonus and winnings immediately. However, this isn’t the only reason. Another one is that this is one of the ways to prevent money laundering. One cannot just put funds on their balance and then immediately request the withdrawal. In other words, this is how crime is being eliminated from online gambling. And still, wagering requirements make players’ life more complicated, that’s for sure. We do hope that they will become a thing of the past one day. Even with that, no deposit free spins are easy to come across. Just do a small research and we are sure that you will!

Is there anything else to take into account?

If you do want to find a casino operator offering no deposit free spins and are now at the very beginning of the search, there is a crucially important thing to take into account. To be more precise, pay special attention to the legal status of a casino operator you are going to deal with. You should carefully check if they have a license from any of gambling regulatory authorities and what kind of a license it is. The fact that the casino operator has a license stands for their legal permission to operate. The bodies that issue licenses to casino operators are responsible for the regulation of online gambling market that includes policies to ensure responsible gaming and protect the vulnerable, eliminate fraud from the industry, prevent money laundering, and many other things. To receive a license, every casino operator is to demonstrate that they do comply with norms and regulations of the industry and offer fair services to their customers. 

Even if a casino operator offers an awesome welcome bonus that includes not both bonus funds and free spins and what is more requires no deposit, you should still weigh all the pros and cons very carefully. The mere fact that the operator’s welcome bonus is better than the bonus offered by others in no way means that it deserves more trust. Remember the fact that welcome bonus and any other bonus is meant to attract attention of players though it is still a tricky task to define its true value. In such a way, always carefully read the Terms of Use of a casino operator before you make a deposit and accept any bonuses, or even sign up. Believe us, this might save you a fortune one day.

How to withdraw winnings from no deposit free spins?

Taking that the RTP of slots where free spins might be used is quite high, you will sooner or later gain a prize big enough to request the withdrawal. Just in case you are not familiar with the abbreviation, RTP means the Return to Player and defines the percentage of the entire bet pool that is likely to come back to players in a form of winnings. However, let’s get back to the point. The key thing is that you will need to find a payment method for making receiving your winnings. This might be the same one you are using to make deposits but casino operators might offer an opportunity to use different methods for these two purposes. You might appreciate this for a variety of reasons. Here are just some of them: 

  • On the one hand, it is always better to have an alternative payment method just in case something goes wrong with the primary one. As an example, your credit card might be blocked but you will still be able to use your let’s say mobile billing service to make deposits. This in only one of a variety of possible scenarios, of course. We remind to British players that you can use any valid UK-based phone number to use this service, while its only disadvantage is that it cannot be used for making withdrawals. Still, in some sense this is the best method for making deposits, at least if you prefer small stakes. We have prepared a comprehensive review of some of the most widely-used mobile billing services. Take a quick look at some of them if you are interested in more details.

  • Another important factor are the fees. You could have noticed that fees vary dramatically among payment providers and it is better to be careful with the choice of the one particularly because of this reason. It doesn’t matter that much if you are an occasional player but you will see the influence if you play quite often. In fact, if you calculate how much you are losing on fees every time you are making or receiving a transaction, you will see that in the long run you are losing a fortune. In fact, this is a disastrous situation but you can still minimize loses if you correctly approach the situation. As mentioned above, it is better to have two different payment methods, one for making deposits and another one for receiving your winnings. The matter is that fees for these two types of transactions vary among payment providers. Some of them have high fees for withdrawals while the deposits are free of commission, and vice versa. If you do a comprehensive research, you will pick up two payment methods with minimum commission for each of your two purposes. As an example, PayPal is good for receiving payments as there is no commission, while Skrill is better for sending transfers. Just be attentive with the selection process and you will save quite a solid amount.

  • Finally, there might be cases that the use of a particular payment method is limited in a country where you live. As an example, you will be able to use it to make deposits, but it still cannot be used for withdrawals. Of vice versa, why not. This is quite a common situation and casino operators are aware of it. Naturally, they are doing their best to make their services as widely available as possible, which is why players are allowed to use two methods of payments. The key thing is to make a wise choice to save on commission.

Can there be any delay with winnings payout process?

Indeed, you might face some kind of a delay while expecting your winnings. This is rather frustrating but this still doesn’t know that you won’t receive any of your winnings at all. Of course, the best way to avoid any kinds of delay is to know why they can occur and avoid getting in such situations. Here below we will mention the most common reason why a delay may happen. Also, once there is a trouble so far, the first thing you are to do is to figure out its reason. The matter is that it is far from being obvious from time to time and you would need to contact the customer support to find out what is wrong.

In most cases, payout delays occur because of casino operators. However, it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. As an example, you might be kept waiting for about 3-5 days until the procedure of identity verification is completed. This is s part of policies required to ensure safe and responsible gaming, as well as reduce crime and fraud in online gambling industry. This is one of the requirements set by gambling regulatory authorities and casino operators are to follow it. If the casino operator of your choice does not have the identity verification procedure, this is in some sense suspicious. In any case, there is nothing to be done if this is the actual reason for the delay. Just keep calm and wait. Unfortunately, policies of most casino operators does not allow to start the identity verification process until the player is ready to request the withdrawal. In fact, the procedure is started once the player links the payment method for withdrawals. Luckily, this is a one-time procedure and you won’t face any similar delays later on.

On the other hand, sometimes delays occur because of payment providers. As an example, this is quite common in case with banks. Quite a lot of players use their bank cards as the primary payment method, though at the same time bank transfers are probably the slowest method of getting the winnings. On average, they might need 5-7 business days to process the transfer, or sometimes even more. In fact, this is not a kind of a delay but rather the mode of how they work. Meanwhile, quite a lot of payment providers does not allow the use of their service for activities related to gambling in countries where online gambling is legally prohibited. The United States and PayPal are a bright example. Even though this payment service is based in San Francisco and optimized for local use, players from the United States cannot use it anyway. As a result, if your payment provider sees something suspicious about your activities, your account might get frozen. As a result, you won’t be able to receive your winnings until the issue is resolved.

Terms of use of no deposit free spins

We have mentioned quite a lot of things you are to pay attention to when accepting any of casino bonuses, including the no deposit free spins bonus. Now, we would like to provide a small summary with all the key aspects emphasized. So, here are the most important things to take into account:

1) Wagering requirements

As you remember, winnings you receive when playing no deposit free spins might go under a particular set of wagering requirements. This is not necessarily the case, but it is still true for most casino operators’ policies. Don’t forget to read the fine print to make things clear. Most often, wagering requirements specify the amount of times you are to play through a particular amount before you can withdraw your winnings. In some cases, though not quite often, this is x2 or a bit more, but some casino operators set the requirements as high as x50. Of course, they are absolutely unrealistic to meet. The key thing is to be attentive and take your time to read the rules carefully.

2) Time limits

When you receive no deposit free spins, they usually go with a specific period of use. As a rule, this might be something between 7-10 days, but some casino operators allow as much as 30, 60, or even 90 days. After this period of time is over, your bonus spins expire. In other words, you will have a specific period of time to meet all the wagering requirements. If for some reason you are unable to fit this period, it is important to find out what will happen to your winnings. As a rule, they cannot be withdrawn if the bonus time expires. Make sure you clearly understand what will happen in such case: carefully read the bonus and withdrawal policies of your casino operator and contact their customer support for further clarifications.

3) Maximum size of bets

As we already mentioned, no deposit free spins might go as a part of a bonus package, together with let’s say bonus money, and of course wagering requirements applied. If this is the case, make sure to check if there are the minimum and maximum sizes for bets. It isn’t a frequent thing but sometimes the minimum size for bets turns out too high. After all, most players prefer modest approach as small wins are better than one big lose. As for the maximum bet size, this is often the concern for those keen on high-rollers. There are cases when it is better to place one big stake and win a huge prize. Of course, this would allow players to meet wagering requirements really fast, though in fact this is not quite good for casino operators. In order to not let them do this, the maximum size bet is often set.

Just in case you are curious, it depends on the level of volatility of a game, which size bets are better. We have already explained in one of our guides that there are games with low, average, and high levels of volatility. Low-volatility games are known for small but frequent payouts. It is a perfect choice for players who prefer to make small stakes and stay careful all the time. High-volatility games are associated with really high payouts, though the chances of winning are actually not as high as in cases with low-volatility games. This is a frequent choice of players who prefer high-roller style of playing. Of course, it is up to you to decide which type of playing to choose. The key thing we recommend is to set a strict budget for yourself and never go beyond it.

4) Limit for winnings

It doesn’t matter what kind of a bonus you might get: any of them might go with a limit of how much you can win or to be more precise, receive in payouts. No deposit free spins are not an exception, of course. What it means is that you actually won’t win a jackpot or a really big prize when playing through free spins or bonus money. Of course, this is not always the case and many casino operators do not impose any limits of this kind. Again, you should check in advance whether there is the one. Another important thing is that there might be the minimum withdrawal limit. If you are below it, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. This isn’t quite good taking that sometimes you might lack £10 or even less. Obviously, there is a chance you will totally waste your winnings while trying to reach this limit. In order not to get in any of the two traps, make sure to carefully read the rules and at least become aware of them.

5) Game selection

Quite often, no deposit free spins bonuses can only be used with particular games and do not cover the entire game gallery of a casino operator. The reason why it is so is that casino operators actually do not want players to win, at least that often. As a result, the access to games with really high winning odds is restricted. You will probably see that no deposit free spins do not cover progressive jackpot slots or slots with the highest Return to Player value. Even if you can play them, you will still need to check how much they count toward fulfilling the wagering requirements. The matter is that different games contribute differently: as a rule, regular slots contribute at 100% level, but there are some slots that might contribute at 70% or less. As for table games, this is a very frequent case. Some games will bring you as little as 20% or maybe even nothing at all. Poker, for instance, does not contribute to wagering requirements at all. Of course, this is quite a frustrating statistics but you should still be aware of that in advance.

Is that possible to use one bonus several times?

If you are an experienced player, you will probably agree that the welcome bonus package is one of the most generous offers of every casino operator. After all, its key purpose is to attract new people, which is why casino operators do their best to make it as catchy is possible. Welcome bonuses that come in a form of no deposit free spins are not an exception. Of course, casino players understand this and try to find a way how to make the most of it. In particular, this is quite a common thing when a player signs up with a new casino operator under different names. In other words, you can open several accounts with one casino operator, which could allegedly allow the player behind them to use the welcome bonus several times. This might seem to be a great trick but in fact it is not. It works just until the moment you are ready to request the withdrawal of your winnings and here is why.

As you remember, casino operators conduct identity verification procedure and you are to provide a pack of documents proving your identity. With that, the official rules of casino operators prohibit players to have multiple accounts. Once they find out that you were trying to cheat them, all your accounts might be blocked. In other words, it is better to always play by the rules. After all, you had better be honest if you want to be treated in an honest way. If you anyway feel that you need just one more try so that you could use no deposit free spins and other bonuses from the package in the best ever way, you had better delete get in touch with the customer support of your casino operator and ask them to your account completely. After that, you will be able to create a new account. Another option is to find another casino operator. Luckily, the number of reliable casino operators based in the United Kingdom is quite high and you will have enough options to choose from.